Menino backs former Kennedy aide running for lieutenant governor

Gintautas Dumcius, News Editor
Mar. 1, 2013

Mayor Thomas Menino offered words of support at a fundraiser earlier this week for Stephen Kerrigan, a candidate for lieutenant governor. Menino was joined by District 5 Councillor Rob Consalvo at the fundraiser, which was held at the Union Oyster House.

Asked on Friday if he had endorsed Kerrigan, Menino told the Reporter, “I said good things about him, yes.”

Menino, who has so far stayed out of the U.S. Senate special election and this year’s local races, called Kerrigan a “young man with experience” who would make a good lieutenant governor. The election for lieutenant governor and governor will take place in 2014.

“I’m thrilled to have his support because he exemplifies and embodies the type of public servant I think we need,” Kerrigan said.

Consalvo, a city councillor from Hyde Park, cited Kerrigan’s “managerial experience,” pointing to Kerrigan running the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte in 2012 and his turn in 2004 as chief-of-staff of a nonprofit organizing committee with the Democratic National Convention in Boston. He also ran President Obama’s second presidential inaugural co-founded the Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund, a nonprofit.

Consalvo and Kerrigan once worked together in the mail room in U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy’s office, and Kerrigan would go on to handle policy and scheduling for the late senator. “He’s still just kind of a regular guy who grew up in Lancaster and he can relate to the constituents I represent,” Consalvo said.

“He’s in early so I think he’ll build a lot of momentum,” Consalvo added.

About 100 people attended the fundraiser. “It was a wonderful evening and the mayor’s comments and the councillor’s comments were the highlight of the night,” Kerrigan said.