Senate okays Sunday morning liquor store openings

State House News Service
Jul. 15, 2014

Both branches of the Massachusetts Legislature are now on record in support of legislation authorizing retail liquor stores in Massachusetts to open for sales at 10 a.m. on Sunday, rather than noon.

The House approved the legislation (H 228) in March and the Senate on Thursday approved the bill without debate. The Senate rejected a motion by Sen. Robert Hedlund to postpone consideration of the bill until July 24.

Rep. Elizabeth Poirier, one of the sponsors of the legislation in the House, said she and other lawmakers have pushed for earlier alcohol sales for years. Poirier, a Republican from North Attleborough, said it will particularly help retailers who border Rhode Island and New Hampshire.

Game-day football tailgaters, beachgoers, and others hosting parties would be able to buy beer and alcoholic beverages on Sunday morning rather than waiting until noon. The bill can reach Gov. Deval Patrick’s desk following enactment votes in both branches.

- M. Norton, C. Quinn/SHNS