Senate rejects amendment allowing all of Boston to vote on casino

State House News Service
Oct. 12, 2011

The Senate on Tuesday rejected Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz’s efforts to allow the entire city of Boston to vote to approve or reject what is expected to be an eventual casino application from Suffolk Downs. The bill stipulates that in cities with more than 125,000 residents – Boston, Worcester and Springfield – only the ward where the casinos would be located must vote to approve.  Read more

O'Toole camp hits Baker mailer

John O’Toole’s District 3 campaign is crying foul over a mailer put out by their rival camp.

The mailer, sent out by the Frank Baker campaign and headlined “A United Dorchester is a Stronger Dorchester,” shows two blue maps of the neighborhood. The maps are nearly identical, except one has a white crack in the middle, under Fields Corner and above Pope’s Hill, and the other map has stitching where the crack was.  Read more

Warren, Brown expected at Adams Corner's Irish Festival on Sunday

Joining the thousands of folks expected Sunday at Adams Corner's third annual Irish Heritage Festival will be two of the Bay State's political superstars: US Sen. Scott Brown and the former Obama administration official angling to replace him, Elizabeth Warren.

Brown, who marched in the Dorchester Day Parade in June, will be dropping by the Eire Pub at 1:30 p.m. According to Brown's schedule, former Boston Mayor Ray Flynn will be joining him.  Read more

‘Sober home’ regulations sorely needed

Last week’s arrest of a substance-abuse recovery home operator who has been at the center of a recent dispute in Port Norfolk is just the latest bad turn for the so-called “sober home” community in the Commonwealth— and another sign that this budding industry needs more regulation – quickly – from state officials.  Read more

District 7 recount set for Friday

Boston's Election Department plans to hold a recount of ballots cast in the District 7 race on Friday. Althea Garrison, a former state representative and a perennial candidate who came in third place, requested the recount.

Garrison collected signatures from three wards -- Wards 8, 12 and 13 -- in order to qualify for the recount, which is scheduled for 10 a.m. in the Election Department offices.

In the preliminary election held on Sept. 27, the field of four candidates was narrowed to two contenders: incumbent City Councillor Tito Jackson and Fenway's Sheneal Parker.  Read more

Neighbors rally to help 11 year-old beat leukemia

Pat Tarantino, Reporter Staff
Sep. 29, 2011

Less than a year ago, the biggest challenge facing 11-year-old Tim Burke was a good right-handed batter. But now the little leaguer’s family is calling on friends and neighbors to help their son win his months-long battle against leukemia.

Burke’s parents, Mary and Charlie — formerly of Dorchester— are organizing a baseball-themed fundraiser to help offset the costs of their son’s treatment at the IBEW/Local 103 Hall on Friday, Sept. 30 that will include a comedy show, ballpark food, raffles, and an auction.  Read more

Mayor Warren expected to drop US Senate bid

A source is confirming that Newton Mayor Setti Warren plans to drop his bid for the US Senate seat in 2012. The Boston Globe first reported the development.  Read more

Former Senate president to take Sen. Brown around East Boston

Former state Sen. Robert Travaglini, an East Boston Democrat, will be giving US Sen. Scott Brown, a Wrentham Republican, a tour of the neighborhood on Wednesday.

After the tour, the two former colleagues are scheduled to lunch at Santarpio's Pizza on Chelsea St.

Travaglini, who also served on the Boston City Council, resigned his Senate seat in March 2007 to take a job as a lobbyist.

UPDATE: National Journal's Jim O'Sullivan writes up the visit.

WHERE THEY WILL BE: Prelim election parties

What follows is a listing of where candidates in the district races will be after the polls close tomorrow night. This post will be updated to add locations as we receive them. For political junkies who are planning on staying in, BNN-TV's Joe Heisler will be hosting preliminary election night coverage tomorrow from 9 pm to 10 pm. The broadcast will be available at and on Channels 9 (Comcast) and 15 (RCN).  Read more

Day before prelim, Globe weighs in on district races

The Globe's Metro section has a rundown on the District 3 race, with John O'Toole, Craig Galvin and Frank Baker viewed as the frontrunners.

All three top-tier candidates have benefited from significant fund-raising, influential endorsements, and the support of labor unions and civic groups. They have also endured greater scrutiny: Baker pleaded guilty almost 20 years ago to possession of marijuana; O’Toole signed a 2005 petition against same-sex marriage and has repeatedly fallen behind on his city property taxes and owes $1,500 from 2010; and Galvin is in the midst of a foreclosure.

The Globe also looks at the races in District 2 and District 7.  Read more