Guardsman Lunnin: ‘110 percent’ effort expected

Corey Burns, Special to the Reporter
Jun. 23, 2011

Spc. James LunninSpc. James LunninEditor’s Note: Dorchester is home to scores of young men and women who have left behind friends and family members to serve the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan. To highlight their stories, the Reporter’s new column, “Over There,” will feature a new Dorchester service member ever week. Readers are invited to send in suggestions for men and women to profile by sending an email to Corey Burns at

As a member of the Army National Guard, James Lunnin, 21, of Adams Village is currently serving overseas in Gardez, Afghanistan.

Lunnin works as a member of a security force for a provincial reconstruction team (PRT) in the Paktiya Province, providing personal security for engineers, mechanics, medics, and administrative personnel who work to boost Afghanistan’s infrastructure. Much of the PRT’s responsibilities include engaging locals and assessing transportation, health care, security, and education in their respective provinces.  Read more

(UPDATED) MBTA GM: Greenway trail will include Mattapan

Gintautas Dumcius, News Editor
Jun. 17, 2011

Officials from the MBTA, the Department of Conservation and Recreation and the State House met yesterday in an attempt to move forward with a planned expansion of the Neponset Greenway.

The project, which has been vetted over the last two years, appeared to hit an impasse earlier this month, when Greenway supporters learned that the MBTA had safety concerns about having an at-grade crossing at the Mattapan Square MBTA station as part of the planned trail extension. DCR is working to extend the Greenway by one mile, connecting the riverside path from Pope John Paul II Park to a separate state trail in Hyde Park. The trail current stops short at Central Ave. in Milton.  Read more

Landmark status sought for 1859 Centre St. building

Pat Tarantino, Special to the Reporter
Jun. 16, 2011

The one-time Industrial School for Girls at 232 Centre St.The one-time Industrial School for Girls at 232 Centre St.

Citing a need for further information and review, the Boston Landmark Commission has temporarily denied historic landmark status for a 19th century building in the St. Mark’s neighborhood recently purchased by the Epiphany School.

During a preliminary hearing at Boston City Hall on Tuesday, the 15-member board said they could not determine the historical significance of the Industrial School for Girls, located on 232 Centre Street, based on information currently available. The call for landmark status was petitioned by Dorchester Historical Society president Earl Taylor and was opposed by John Finley IV, the Epiphany School’s founder.  Read more

Mattahunt task force gets job done

Mattahunt School and Community CenterMattahunt School and Community Center

The Mattahunt Community Center is hard to find if you’ve never been there. It’s tucked away in a heavily residential section of Mattapan and shares a leafy campus with the middle school of the same name.

Chances are, most people — even those who live in Mattapan— have never been there unless they have kids who go to school at the Mattahunt or they vote in one of the two precincts that use the school as a polling place.

That’s all about to change.  Read more

Thursday meeting to detail Ryan Playground fixes

Jun. 15, 2011

The state’s Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) will host a public meeting at the Foley Senior Residences on Thursday, June 16 at 6:30 p.m. to present plans for a new water feature, as well as spray elements and site improvements, at the Ryan Playground on River Street in Mattapan.  Read more

Greenway plan needs more focus from state leaders

The news this week that the MBTA has come out against a plan to route the next phase of the Neponset Greenway though its property in Mattapan Square is a deep disappointment for proponents of the Greenway and a potentially huge setback in the decades-long fight to restore the Neponset River to public access. If allowed to stand, the T’s unwillingness to allow a grade crossing to route the trail through its property could derail this project, an outcome with long-term negative implications on both sides of the river.  Read more

Brown gets pole position in Dot Day’s parade of pols

Mike Deehan, Special to the Reporter
Jun. 6, 2011

Dot Day 2011: (l-r) Council president Steve Murphy, Rep. Linda Dorcena Forry (with daughter Madeline), US Sen. Scott Brown, Sen. Jack Hart, Chief Marshal John Connor, Patrick Kulakowski, Commanding Officer of the USS Carr, Mayor Tom Menino, City Councillor Felix ArroyoDot Day 2011: (l-r) Council president Steve Murphy, Rep. Linda Dorcena Forry (with daughter Madeline), US Sen. Scott Brown, Sen. Jack Hart, Chief Marshal John Connor, Patrick Kulakowski, Commanding Officer of the USS Carr, Mayor Tom Menino, City Councillor Felix Arroyo

Among the dancers, marching bands and other lively participants from Sunday’s Dorchester Day parade, some of the most energetic marchers along the route were the candidates for public office. Incumbents and would-be office holders were eager to shake hands, ask for support and match a smiling face to the campaign signs that are an ever-increasing presence along Dorchester Ave.  Read more

Two-way traffic available during MWRA pipe rehab in Lower Mills

Reporter Staff
Jun. 6, 2011

Rehabilitation and replacement work of a major water pipeline focused on Adams St. on Monday, opposite the entrance and exit of the Baker Chocolate Factory condominiums. According to an update from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, two-way traffic is being maintained, and residents of the condos will be able to head into Boston or Milton.

The work, expected to last three weeks, will continue up Adams St. toward Washington St. and Dorchester Ave. A brick island on the median will be removed.  Read more

Community center shake-up prompts longtime members to cry foul

Stephen Kurkjian, Special To The Reporter
May. 26, 2011

A bitter split has erupted among past and current members of the citywide board that oversees the network of neighborhood community centers set up to provide a range of after-school programs for youths and families across the city.  Read more

Habershaw is latest potential candidate to bow out of District 3 race

Another potential candidate has bowed out of the District 3 race: Savin Hill’s Deirdre McDermott Habershaw said Monday night she would not be running to replace City Councillor Maureen Feeney, who isn’t seeking another term.

Habershaw, a regional planner with the city of Boston, said she had more than the necessary 200 signatures to make the ballot. But family concerns played a role in her decision to pass on a City Council run, she said.  Read more