Mom’s cancer fight inspires new mission

SAVIN HILL SHOOT: Tracy King photographed her mother Pam King in Savin Hill Park this week. Photo by Bill ForrySAVIN HILL SHOOT: Tracy King photographed her mother Pam King in Savin Hill Park this week. Photo by Bill Forry

Pam King is “a tough cookie” – as her daughter Tracy puts it. She has survived not one, not two, but four bouts with skin cancer, colon cancer, and two types of breast cancer.

But, last year, as the 64-year-old Savin Hill mom of three braced for her fifth fight – against non-Hodgkins lymphoma – she grew worried. Her first-ever chemotherapy session was looming and she dreaded the thought of losing her hair. She worried, too, that she might not make it to her next birthday.  Read more

Lower Mills Was Once Center of Chocolate Universe

Peter F. Stevens, Special to the Reporter
May. 1, 2014

Editor’s Note: On Saturday, May 10 at 1 p.m., the state’s DCR and the Dorchester Historical Society will team up to present a special “Sweet History Stroll” to explore the former Baker Chocolate Factory site and learn about the sweet history of Lower Mills for those ages 10 and up. Meet at the public parking lot in Milton Lower Mills, beside the Milton Yacht Club at 36 Wharf St. In 2002, the Reporter published this brief history of the Walter Baker Chocolate Factory by Peter F. Stevens.

Something was in the air. People on their daily rounds along the roads of Dorchester and Milton Village turned toward the Neponset River and inhaled the spring breeze and took a deep whiff. Chocolate was in the air- literally.

The year was 1765. The heavenly scent drifted from a sawmill on the banks of the river, within eyeshot of Boston. Inside the mill an Irishman watched two giant millstones grinding fragrant cocoa and sounding a call to a culinary revolution that was to spread from Dorchester and conquer the collective palate of America.  Read more

Volunteers will help ‘Boston Shine’ this weekend

Comcast Cares Day volunteers painted inspirational quotes on the gym wall at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester last Saturday as part of a large volunteer effort at the site. Photo by Bill Brett)

The city of Boston’s coordinated spring clean-up will stretch out over three weekends this year— with Dorchester and Mattapan’s “Boston Shines” weekend set for May 2-3. The citywide effort, now in its 12th year, engages thousands of volunteers in targeted cleaning projects.  Read more

Entrants sought for Little Miss, Young Miss contests

Apr. 28, 2014

Applications must be submitted this week for girls hoping to participate in the annual Little Miss & Young Miss Dorchester Contests. The contests will be held on Sat., May 10 at the First Parish Church 10 Parish St. at 10 a.m. Little Miss Contestants must be 7-8-9 years old on the day of the contest — Saturday May 10— and Young Miss Contestants must be 10-11-12 years old on the day of the contest. An application can be downloaded here (below). Contact Annissa Essaibi George at 617-594-1841 or email with additional questions.  Read more

Patrick’s man Walsh eases into Lower Mills

John Walsh : standing in front of his new Lower Mills digs.	Photo by Gintautas DumciusJohn Walsh : standing in front of his new Lower Mills digs. Photo by Gintautas Dumcius

Dorchester Democrats have a new member of their party in their midst: The former chairman of the state party. John Walsh, the man who helped Deval Patrick win the gubernatorial race in 2006 and become the first Democratic governor in Massachusetts in 16 years, has moved into Lower Mills with his wife Donna.  Read more

Radio station founder makes case for TOUCH 106.1FM

Apr. 18, 2014

Owner of Low-Power FM Station Vows to Fight Shut-Down from Chris Lovett on Vimeo.

Chris Lovett of BNN-TV's Neighborhood Network News interviews Charles Clemons, co-founder of TOUCH 106.1FM, a Grove Hall-based low-powered radio station that was shuttered on Thursday by federal officials because it operates without a license.

Unlicensed radio station "Touch" 106.1FM shut down in Grove Hall

Apr. 17, 2014

Above, TOUCH 106.1FM operator Charles Clemons speaks about the federal raid on his unlicensed radio station. According to Clemons, US Marshals and FCC officials arrived at the station's offices today next to the Grove Hall Neighborhood Development Corporation and seized equipment belonging to the station, effectively taking it off the air.  Read more

Peace Cup hockey tourney boosts Team MR8 cause

Pat Brophy and Pat Doherty will run Monday's Boston Marathon for Team MR8. Photo by Bill Forry

Dorchester’s own Patrick Brophy and Patrick Doherty organized a hockey tournament in Canton last Saturday that drew about 90 players across eight teams for the first-ever Peace Cup to raise funds for the Martin W. Richard Foundation. Each player wore a number 8 as a tribute to Martin.

The tournament was followed that evening with a party at the McKeon Post which raised more donations for Team MR8, the marathon squad that has —to date— gathered almost $1 million for the Richard foundation.  Read more

High above Peabody Square, an age-old tribute to a young boy

“Phew! That’s quite a workout.”

Jeff Gonyeau was a bit winded. He had just banged out back-to-back psalms by hand on the vintage bell chimes in a windswept perch high up in the bell tower of All Saints Church.

The seven-minute performance was an act of physical — as well as musical— prowess. It’s typically a two-person job working the levers of the chimes— a contraption that’s about as big as a queen-size bed-stand. Each of the 11 wooden levers is attached to a cable connected to one of the massive bronze bells that hang in an upstairs chamber, hidden from our view.  Read more

High above Peabody Square, an age-old tribute to a young boy

Jeff Gonyeau, a neighbor and parishioner at All Saints Church, played the bell chimes in the tower of All Saints Church in Peabody Square this afternoon. Gonyeau sounded the bells at 2:50 p.m. following a moment of silence that was observed across the city, region and nation in observance of the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Jeff Gonyeau plays the bell chime in All Saints Church: Photo by Bill ForryJeff Gonyeau plays the bell chime in All Saints Church: Photo by Bill ForryGonyeau played two hymns on the church's 11 bells using a chime in a wooden chamber nestled just one level beneath the bells. He played two hymns: "St. Columba", which is derived from the 25th Psalm ("The Lord is My Shepherd"); and "Land of Rest", a hymn that is often sung at memorial services. Both were selected by Gonyeau with the Richard family in mind.

Gonyeau is the same neighbor who stopped the clock in Peabody Square last year in the hours following the attack that killed young Martin and left his family wounded, including his little sister Jane. The clock became a focal point of mourning in the close knit Ashmont-Adams community where the Richard family live.  Read more