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Mayor Menino’s annual breakfast

I saw this saying in a Ziggy cartoon. All the new roses that Hubby and I have planted have small thorns. We do, however, have some very old rose bushes along the side fence that have vicious thorns. Both the new roses and the old roses have beautiful blossoms but we think that the old roses are far more odiferous than the newer ones. The other evening Hubby came in the house after working in the yard for a little while. He went to one of the kitchen cabinets and took out a little crystal vase. In it he placed two roses, each a different variety but both beautiful. They look handsome on the kitchen table.

What a nice time we had at Mayor Menino’s annual breakfast at the IBEW Hall on Sun., May 3. Eileen Collins invited us to sit at her table with the seniors from Keystone: Mary Scarborough, Mary Carney, Gwen Adams, Barbara Scarborough, Betty Cook, and Della Melchionda. Our pals Ken and Mary Bruynell, Norma Conley, Julia Mulligan, Mary Coombs, Rosalie Masciolo and her sister Angie Tesauro, John and Caroline Innello, and Ruth Putnam were at an adjoining table. Mike McColgan came to sit with us.

Diane Kerrissey, director of programming for Boston’s Parks and Recreation Dept., came over to greet our table. I noticed that she had a bandage on her wrist. We all assumed that it was a carpal tunnel problem. It was not only that but also basal joint arthritis. It sounded very painful. John O’Toole, former president of the Cedar Grove Civic Association, said, “Hi.” Councilor Maureen Feeney came around to each table to greet her many friends. I chatted with Molly Dunford, who told me where her parents, Bob and Dottie Dunford, were sitting in the huge hall. I went over and spoke with them for a few minutes. Bill Walczak came over and chatted with Jim Hunt (the Elder) and me. So did Jim’s wife Jean. Jim, the Younger, also joined us, along with his wife Robin, and their adorable kids, Ella Grace and Matthew Joseph.

Pope’s Hill’s President Phil Carver was there with his wife Pam and his kids, Logan, Chloe, and Quinn. (Hubby took a great photo of Phil with our friend Della Melchionda.) Phil, by the way, told me that the annual Pope’s Hill/McKone St. Lawn Party will be held on Sat., June 27, from noon to 6 p.m. Charlie Tevnan brought one of his daughters to the breakfast. Rep. Linda Dorcena Forry was happy to see us there. After the Mayor had spoken, he came around and shook everyone’s hand. The mayor’s other half, his wife Angela, spoke with all of us several times. Hubby even took photos of her with a couple of her grandchildren. On the way out of the hall after the scrumptious breakfast, we had a chance to see John and Janice Schneiderman, our fellow Pope’s Hill E-Boarders. The breakfast was such a lovely way to spend a spring Sunday morning.

Hubby and I love to watch this Old House on Ch. 2. In October, the program will be 30 years old. To celebrate, the producers of the program have selected two Boston area projects. I can hardly wait to see these programs.

A big tip of the hat to all the letter carriers, who recentlyt collected food for the needy. I understand that the postal workers dropped off food at both St. Peter’s and St. Christopher’s, among other parishes throughout the Dorchester community.

I was sorry to read of the death of our neighbor Bill Ferguson on May 14, at age 65. Bill was a longtime member of the Pope’s Hill Neighborhood Association, the Houghton St. Neighborhood Watch, and the Murphy Community Council. We are sorry to lose him.

On Mother’s Day, daughter Jeanne was already in Dorchester to spend some time with her mother-in-law Ann so we had a chance to get together with her to have breakfast. It was just 7 a.m. when Hubby, daughters Sue and Jeanne, and I walked into Gerard’s Restaurant. Being so early, our delicious breakfasts were served quickly. (What great French toast!) Because Jeanne has a wheat allergy, she opted for the hash and eggs. She gave me all types of travel-size toiletries for my upcoming trip, which came in very handy. Daughter Sue knew that I had wanted to see Mamma Mia and had missed the movie at the local theaters so she gave me the DVD. It stars Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan (sigh), and Colin Firth (another sigh). Jeanne wasn’t able to stay too long because she had to get back on the road to Rockport to get the World’s Greatest Grandchildren, Brendan and Erin, ready for church. What a lovely way to start Mothers’ Day, having breakfast cooked for you!

I am sure that you agree with this saying: “Silence is the only successful substitute for brains.”