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August Special Events

August Special Events - The month of August will close out the summer program but not before a number of on-site and off-site special events. On 8/1 the Metro Lacrosse program will be on-site to run a Clinic, the N.E. Aquarium will be on hand to offer a workshop, and the Summer Swim Team will host Taunton Parks & Recreation. Beginning 8/5 we will host the 2nd week of the Junior Police Academy. On 8/7 our Denney Center Unit will offer a bus trip to the Carousel Family Fun Center. On 8/8 we will partner with the Marilyn Rodman Theater for Kids program to see “Wicked.” On the same day, the Summer Swim Team will close out the season by hosting the Malden YMCA and will follow the meet with a Family BBQ. On 8/9, the Music Program will host an end of Summer Bash. On 8/10 the Teen program will offer a trip to Six Flags Amusement Park. On 8/12 the City Spotlights Troupe will visit the Club for a performance. On 8/13 we will host the Teen Semi-Formal Dance and we will close out the on-site program on 8/14 with Olympic Day (day program) and the championship games for all 3 divisions of the Safe Summer Streets Basketball League. We will the close out the month by taking 150 members on the 8th Annual Camp Northbound trip in Maine (8/17 to 8/22) followed by a group of 150 members to Disney World in Orlando, FL (8/26 to 8/20). For more information contact Queenette Santos (qsantos@bgcdorchester.org).

Fresh Films Program
- The Fresh Films program will visit the Club for a 3-day intensive Film Making experience for members ages 13 and older (8/5 to 8/7). While on-site, a group of 10 members will spend three days creating a P.S.A. while learning all about scripting, filming, lighting, interviewing, editing as well as how to handle all of the equipment. For more information contact Mike Joyce (mjoyce@bgcdorchester.org).