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To the Editor: Small act of kindness appreciated

To the Editor:

Too often our days are filled with the breaking news stories with tragic endings and stories about the horrific things that are being done to innocent people. A week ago something happened in Dorchester which didn’t make the news. It was something good that happened as good things do happen in our neighborhoods on a daily basis.

One of our students here at the Lower Mills Campus of Pope John Paul II Catholic Academy was taking the bus to school for the very first time. As she reached Ashmont Station she saw a bus ready to leave the station and immediately boarded the bus. As the bus made its way down the streets of Dorchester the student realized that she didn’t recognize anything that looked familiar to her.

As the bus was about to go over the bridge into Quincy, she asked the driver to let her off. She started walking down Gallivan Boulevard headed toward Adams Street. At that point she realized that she was lost.

Thankfully an amazing woman who was on her way to work stopped to ask if she was OK. As she burst into tears the student told this woman what had happened. She immediately knew where the school was located and went completely out of her way to bring the student to school.

In the midst of all the excitement as she arrived I neglected to even ask the woman’s name. We are all hoping that perhaps she will see this letter and know how deeply grateful we are to her for her wonderful act of kindness!

Regards, Mrs. Betty Cikacz
Pope John Paul II Catholic Academy - Lower Mills