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Intermediate/Senior Basketball League

Intermediate/Senior Basketball League - the I/S Basketball League completed play last week with championships for both divisions. In the 4-team Intermediate division the semi-finals saw Georgia Tech defeat Boston College 62-46. Samuel Alouidor (13) led Georgia Tech while Jose Harry (27) led Boston College. In the second game it was Stanford, behind Saide Smith (18) defeating U.N.C. 50-48. Walter Dew-Hollis (18) led U.N.C. In the best of three championship Stanford defeated Georgia Tech 67-63 in game one and followed that up with a 66-64 win in game two to capture the championship. In the 6-team Senior division the first quarter-final game saw N.C. State defeat Michigan 71-64. Randy Butler (26) led N.C. State while Emoni Vicente (20) led Michigan. In the next game it was V.C.U., behind Jason Martinez (25) defeating Kentucky 80-66. Eduardo DeLeon (28) led Kentucky. In the first of two semi-final games N.C. State defeated California 45-44. Philip Lodge (18) led N.C. State while Jonge DaSilva (14) led California. In the second game V.C.U. defeated UConn 82-64. Keshaun Robinson (27) and Malik James (19) led V.C.U. and UConn respectively. In the best of three Championship V.C.U. took game one 75-70 while N.C. State took game two 76-74. In the deciding game N.C. State prevailed, 77-73 to capture the Senior Championship. For info on our Athletic programs contact Bruce Seals (bseals@bgcdorchester.org)

End of School Year BBQ-
On Friday, 6/21, the Club will host a BBQ for all members to celebrate the end of the school year. Members of all ages are invited to join in on the fun in the Outdoor Athletic Area. The BBQ will be followed by the Finale for the Music Clubhouse Idol competition at 6:00 p.m. This will be the final day of the drop-in school-year program. For information, contact Zack Solomon (zsolomon@bgcdorchester.org)