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To the Editor: The ‘truth’ and Charlie Baker’s rhetoric

To the Editor:

Once again, we see more clear evidence that the Republican Charlie Baker is running a campaign right out of central casting for Massachusetts Republicans.  We see more proof that Baker’s is a campaign filled with cheap political talking points, tired arguments. and false statements. Following his recent visit to Dorchester, it’s important I inject some truth in the discussion.

If his efforts to put down Massachusetts all the time weren’t so sad, the timing of his Dorchester visit remarks would be funny in its irony. Just hours after Republican Baker’s rare visit to a city neighborhood, independent data and analysis came out showing that in March, Massachusetts hit an all-time high in employment with 3.4 million jobs. Our unemployment rate is falling, and while there is always room for improvement, we continue to come out of the Great Recession faster and stronger because of the leadership of Gov. Deval Patrick and the ideas of Massachusetts Democrats.

Last quarter, University of Massachusetts economists said our economy grew at “warp speed.” According to the Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University, Massachusetts is No.1 in the nation in business competitiveness.

We’re also No. 1 in the nation in education, veterans services, and clean energy – and this is no an accident. Under Deval Patrick and the Democratic Legislature, we’ve made the tough decisions to put our Commonwealth on the right track.

We’ve come a long way from the failed economic policies of Republican Charlie Baker’s Big Dig Financing scheme. Because of his fiscal shell games, Massachusetts was in a $1 billion per year deficit in transportation. We continue to face the consequences of Republican Charlie Baker’s mismanagement of our transportation system.

 State Sen. Thomas M.McGee (D-Lynn)
Chairman, Massachusetts Democratic Party