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There are dozens of complicated and controversial public policy issues on the agenda for action at City Hall, the State House and in the US Congress that won’t be resolved for months or years or maybe never. Most of these directly affect Dorchester... Read more

Supporters of “No Boston Olympics,” the group opposing the games in Boston, say going for the gold will cost too much and channel resources away from community development and anti-poverty initiatives. They fear a loss of focus and revenue for housing... Read more

Multi-family development in Boston is flourishing. The city is approving new housing units by the thousands and changing the face of many neighborhoods in the process. Mayor Walsh’s goal of 53,000 new units aimed at workforce housing is ambitious, and... Read more

How does one reconcile two obvious facts that seem to conflict with the Bible and Christian tradition? As described in Genesis, creation and the fundamental flaw in mankind, often termed “original sin,” are inaccurate. The creative process occurred... Read more

On Jan. 29, we have a date at the State House with more than 1,000 other lawyers and advocates from across the commonwealth: We will be attending the annual “Walk to the Hill’ in support of a substantial increase in funding for the statewide network of... Read more

Ed Brooke’s two terms of service as a US senator from Massachusetts (1967-1979) had a substantial impact on Dorchester in terms of housing.

He sponsored the Brooke Amendment that capped the rent public housing tenants had to pay at 25 percent... Read more

A few weeks ago, I read Mr. Nam Pham’s column on his proud stance as a Republican. Although I admire and appreciate a diversity of opinion against the backdrop of an... Read more

Policing high crime areas presents significant challenges. The affected communities demand protection yet resent heavy-handed tactics that sometimes focus on the innocent or result in a response out of proportion to a perceived offense.

While a... Read more

To the Editor:

The Reporter recently ran a story saying that residents in Pope’s Hill aren’t concerned about the rise of overnight apartment-and-home rentals (... Read more

When fast-food workers first started organizing to raise wages to $15 an hour, most people simply shook their heads. Although some thought the workers deserved a good wage, they wondered how they could ever get these huge corporations to boost wages.... Read more

To The Editor:

Thanks for reprinting Chris Lovett’s thoughtful article about Kit Clark’s many contributions to Dorchester.

I remember her also co-chairing the Dorchester-Columbia Point Task Force in 1972. It was formed to deal with... Read more