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Lit Drop Odds and Ends: Connolly picks up support from former rivals

An at-large councillor picks up endorsements from his rivals. More email talk. And a WCVB enterprise story. Campaign odds and ends below.

-- City Councillor At-Large John Connolly has picked up the endorsements of three that he and seven others bested in the Sept. 23 preliminary. They include former Roxbury YMCA director Ego Ezedi, Fields Corner accountant Hiep Nguyen and Mattapan activist Jean-Claude Sanon. Connolly will be in Dorchester on Sunday for a "Fall Harvest Breakfast" at 9 a.m. at the Blarney Stone in Fields Corner.

-- Make that four endorsements from former rivals: Outgoing City Councillor At-Large Sam Yoon sent out a note to supporters this afternoon saying he's endorsing Connolly, along with labor activist Felix Arroyo, former Patrick administration official Tito Jackson and former Senate aide Ayanna Pressley. "With such a deep field of talented candidates, it is difficult to pick just four, however I wish to say a word about Tomas Gonzalez and Andrew Kenneally," he added. "As intelligent young challengers, I hope this is not the last time we hear from Tomas and Andrew and believe they will be involved in the affairs of this city for a long time to come."

-- The JP Gazette got Mayor Thomas Menino on his favorite topic these days: Freedom of Information Act requests. "If it was me, I’d give you everything," Menino told the JP Gazette when its reporter relayed the newspaper's problems getting FOIA requests filled. Giving everything legally requested is, you know, kind of required by that pesky, terrible, awful, no-good law. But onward and upward: Menino said FOIA requests have rained down on the office, and "[i]t’s become a fad to FOIA."

-- Money from out-of-towners is the driving force behind mayoral campaign bank accounts, according to this WCVB-Channel 5 report. Which we guess is better than out-of-town votes, right? (Tenth paragraph.)

-- Who knew there were middle schoolers working on the Menino campaign?