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Menino camp: We do not condone sign vandalizing

Asked by the Lit Drop about a Sam Yoon for Mayor sign that got vandalized in Roslindale, Mayor Thomas Menino’s campaign issued a statement:

“It’s unfortunate that signs get vandalized during a campaign, and we do not condone, allow or tolerate anyone demolishing our opponents' signs. We have also had signs vandalized and destroyed across the city, and we take these issues seriously. There is no place for this in a campaign.”

The Lit Drop also spoke with Sandra Kautz, the owner of the sign. The incident, in which her four-by-eight sign was splashed with green fluorescent paint, occurred last week.

She said the vandal, or vandals, used a mop and then poured the paint on the sidewalk.

“It was a little creepier than taking a sign or drawing a mustache on,” said Kautz, who has filed a police report, though she says police response has been slow. “This is vandalism.”

A longtime Roslindale resident, Kautz has also volunteered and organized for Deval Patrick’s 2006 gubernatorial campaign and Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.

“Those signs were never touched in any way,” she said. “I’ve never seen any political signs other than maybe a tiny little yard sign down the street.”

The area is now populated by Menino for Mayor signs, she said.


Of course it's Menino's goons doing this to Yoon and Flaherty signs. That is the style of the political machine - bullying and throwing their weight around. It's just like the way his machine threatens businesses with opponent's signs in the window. That is the way City Hall operates. It's time we had a new Mayor.

The way flaherty bats his eyes and pretends like he's not the real source of intimidation in this game would be funny if it weren't so creepy.

I hope that Flahertys crew will either come out and replace all the weather damaged signs or take down what is left of them. Everyday I am watching them fall in further disrepair. They are tattered and turning brown. Being aggresive and placing signs out early is one thing, but with that comes the responsibilities of upkeep.