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Tobin's 'Spotlight' poems

The following are two poems delivered by City Councillor John Tobin at the "Spotlight on the Candidates":

A Haiku

We've heard there's a list of "THE NAUGHTY"
Whom the mayor considers too HAUGHTY.
They must submit to correction
By a brisk genuflection
And a hand raised to ask to go Potty!

By John Keats Tobin

There are those who say I Yearn to be the Mayor
But I secretly long to frolick in Pastures greener and more Fair
Far far away from the political machinery
From the snooping press and the Machiavellian chicanery.
Far far from the madding crowd of adoring constituents
Free from the Faustian temptations of High Office and other Earthly blandishments.
Nay, nay no pomp and circumstance For me
For a Crown of Laurel Is my impassioned plea.
To frolic and cavort in Nature's bower
Scripting eternal verses about Mighty Boston by the hour.
So leave the political Slugfest to the Bruisers
Tommy M and Mickey Flaherty.
To be the Poet Laureate
Crowned on Olympus Glorious Is yea, my truest destiny.


....u should post more about how great Flaherty is. Doesnt come across as blind loyalty at all. Not at all.

It was nice that Tobin was deemed 'acceptable' by the Menino Machine to perform. Not like Menino's opponents who were barred from singing a song.