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Statement from alleged Henriquez victim, who stands by charges

The statement, read aloud by Katherine Gonzalves at the law offices of Brody, Hardoon, Perkins & Kesten, LLP, is available below in its entirety and as prepared for delivery. She was joined by her mother and two of her attorneys.

Statement of Katherine Gonzalves

Good afternoon, my name is Katherine Gonzalves. Two days ago, I was a young woman who was living her life in peace. I was involved with a man who, I believed, cared about me. I was looking forward to resuming my education in the fall. Suddenly, I was thrust into a situation that I, like many others, never anticipated.

For the last couple of days I have been barraged by calls from media representatives, my credibility has been questioned, and my private life has become the topic of speculation. Why? Because the man I was dating hit me and he is a public figure.

Some media outlets have withheld my name from their stories. I appreciate the sensitivity these media outlets have shown, but I am not afraid to speak out and have my voice heard. I am here because I did nothing wrong.

I was assaulted, like many anonymous others, but my situation has been thrust into the public eye because of the status of my attacker. I assure that the events contained in the police report happened. I have told the truth about this incident and will continue to do so.

I want to express my gratitude to the Northeastern University Police, The Boston Police and the Arlington Police and both the Suffolk and Middlesex District Attorneys offices and to my family for their support. I have confidence that the criminal justice system will work and justice will be served.


Also included is a statement from her attorney, Richard E. Brody.

My name is Rick Brody and I’m here to introduce Katherine Gonzalves, a courageous young woman who should be commended for standing up for herself and bringing an incident of domestic violence to the attention of law enforcement authorities.

The Court has already issued a temporary restraining order prohibiting contact between the defendant Henriquez and Ms. Gonzalves. A hearing on continuing that order has been set for next week. Our firm participates in a pro-bono program, created by Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone’s Office. The program represents the victims of domestic violence and helps them to obtain civil restraining orders where they might not otherwise be represented at those hearings. We feel that we are uniquely positioned to advocate for Ms. Gonzalves as she continues to pursue civil protection from the defendant.

Katherine is here to speak to you because she wants to be heard; all too often, defendants are provided a forum to advocate for themselves while victims struggle to make their voices heard. She will provide a brief statement, and will not be taking any questions.