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(UPDATED) Yancey gets tourism committee as Jackson chairs new committee on technology

City Councillor Charles Yancey was given the chairmanship of a committee usually reserved for rookies and City Councillor Tito Jackson was tapped for a new committee focused on technology, according to committee assignments for 2013.

Yancey, who as District 4 Councillor represents parts of Dorchester and Mattapan and frequently criticizes the Menino administration, had chaired the Environment and Human Rights Committee last year and presided over a fireworks-filled hearing in December on the racial make-up of city departments. District 8 Councillor Michael Ross is taking over the environment committee’s chair this year, while keeping his job as chair of the Public Safety Committee, according to a list of committee assignments obtained by the Reporter.

District 3 Councillor Frank Baker, who also represents parts of Dorchester, is the chairman of the Post Audit and Oversight Committee, which Yancey chaired in 2011. A freshman councillor, Baker held the Arts, Film and Tourism Committee chair last year.

District 7 Councillor Jackson, who lives Grove Hall, will chair the new Committee on Global Opportunities and Innovation and Technology. “Boston, and its neighbor Cambridge, have transformed into centers for technology and innovation because of investments by public, private and non-profit institutions,” Jackson said in a statement. “The new Committee will work to build partnerships between the City of Boston and these organizations, generating further technological advancement and next-generation employment opportunities for the City. Finally, this committee will develop Boston’s standing internationally as a leader in technology, innovation and culture by strengthening relationships with foreign governments and overseas entities.”

Other members of the new committee include Councillors Rob Consalvo, Matt O'Malley, Ayanna Pressley, Baker, Ross and Yancey.

The full list of committees is available below:

ARTS, FILM and TOURISM: Yancey (chair), Pressley, Arroyo, Jackson and Ross

CITY, NEIGHBORHOOD SERVICES and VETERANS AFFAIRS: LaMattina (chair), Ross, Ciommo, Consalvo, Jackson, Linehan and Yancey

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT and PLANNING: Linehan (chair), O’Malley, Baker, Ciommo, Connolly, LaMattina and Pressley

EDUCATION: Connolly (chair), Jackson, Ciommo, Consalvo, LaMattina, O'Malley and Pressley

ENVIRONMENT and HUMAN RIGHTS: Ross (chair), Connolly, Arroyo, Baker, LaMattina, O'Malley and Yancey

GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES AND INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY: Jackson (chair), Baker, Consalvo, O’Malley, Pressley, Ross and Yancey

GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: O'Malley (chair), Yancey, Consalvo, Jackson, Linehan, Pressley and Ross

HOUSING: Consalvo (chair), Arroyo, Baker, Ciommo and O'Malley

LABOR, YOUTH AFFAIRS and HUMAN RIGHTS: Arroyo (chair), Linehan, Ciommo, Consalvo, LaMattina, O'Malley and Yancey

POST AUDIT and OVERSIGHT: Baker (chair), Arroyo, Ciommo, Connolly, Jackson, Linehan and Ross

PUBLIC SAFETY: Ross (chair), Pressley, Baker, Consalvo, Linehan, O'Malley, and Yancey

RULES and ADMINISTRATION: Murphy (chair), LaMattina, Baker, Ciommo, Jackson and Linehan

WAYS and MEANS: Ciommo (chair), LaMattina, Connolly, Consalvo, Jackson, Linehan, O'Malley, Pressley and Yancey

COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE: Murphy (chair) and all councillors

WOMEN and HEALTHY COMMUNITIES: Pressley (chair), Consalvo, Arroyo, Jackson and Ross