Burke High student wins new car

On Friday, May 16, 50 deserving Jeremiah Burke High School students each received a key that they hoped would start the 1999 Saab 9.3 that Village Automotive Group had donated as part of their Keys to Success program. One by one, each student tried to start the grand prize in a school year-long program that rewarded students for their positive efforts in attendance, community service and academic improvement.  Read more

A few minutes with Mayor of Dorchester Ryan Woods

Martine Louis
May. 28, 2008

The new mayor of Dorchester, Ryan Woods, says he's always on the go and ready to lend a helping hand to his hometown. While the 24 year-old Dorchester native says he enjoys an occasional movie or a game of golf, what pleases him most is community service.

On May 17, Woods hosted a dance at the Blessed Mother Teresa school, which raised over $17,000 [Woods collected a total of $24,259 for the Dorchester Day Parade] earning him the honorary title - Mayor.

Reporter: Where did you grow up in Dorchester and go to school?  Read more

In Lower Mills, library friends plan June 7 'extravanganza'

The Friends of the Lower Mills Branch Library hope to change things up at this year's annual fundraiser on Saturday, June 7 by allowing neighbors to get their antiques appraised and giving local merchants and organizations a chance to introduce themselves to the community.

This year's Library Extravaganza has expanded to include a silent auction, face painting and crafts for the kids, as well as blood pressure and sugar screenings by Carney Hospital nurses.  Read more

Parade has long history for Chief Marshal Joe Chaisson

Joe Chaisson, neighborhood activist and lifelong Dorchester resident, is the 2008  Dorchester Day Parade's Chief Marshal. At 76, he turns to the proverbial rocking chair and says "I'm not getting into you," choosing instead civic duties to stay young. Chaisson has been a fixture at Columbia-Savin Hill Civic Association meetings for decades and has run the Dorchester Day Salute to Seniors since 1993.  Read more

Carney will be re-invigorated, says de la Torre

Caritas Christi Health Care CEO Ralph de la Torre surprised a Coalition to Strengthen the Carney meeting last week when he strode in and told the audience that Carney would not close or change its service mix in any major way. Instead, he said, it will embark on a major fundraising, recruitment and reinvestment effort to reestablish its image as a competitive healthcare provider.  Read more

Unique shops cater to thirst for neighborhood's past

May. 28, 2008

Two antique shops in Lower Mills offer customers distinct shopping destinations: Streamline Antiques sells jewelry, vintage clothing, and household items from the 1930s on; and Dark Horse Antiques is a traditional, decorative antique furniture shop with items dating as far back as 1800s through 1950s.

Robert Ferrini, the owner of Dark Horse Antiques, opened his shop 15 years ago out of his interest in collecting old things.

"Everything that was old always interested me," Ferrini says.  Read more

Flaherty in the crux, will he run or won't he?

Will he run or won't he?

That is one of the questions floating in the backrooms of City Hall, even as the presidential race drags on and the mayoral election - in November 2009 - stands months away. Political horse race fans say the clock is ticking for Councillor at-Large Michael Flaherty as summer draws near, as does a major milestone for Mayor Thomas Menino, his potential rival.

July 12 will mark 15 years at the top slot in City Hall for Menino, who likes to play it coy when asked if he's running for an unprecedented fifth term.  Read more

Once a toll road, Dorchester Ave. is a route that is rich in history

Rev. Daniel Dunn
May. 28, 2008

As our Dorchester Day Parade Marshal assembles the official cars "across the bridge," they will be in Milton, which was part of the Town of Dorchester, until it became a separate town in 1662. Proceeding to the official starting point, the cars will cross the Neponset River at the spot where the Federal Triumphal Arch was erected in 1798, to commemorate the ratification of Jay's Treaty.  Read more

Navy destroyer en route to Boston for Dot Day USS Porter crew to march at head of parade

It's easy forget how tied this place once was to the sea. Since the 1950s - and the construction of the Southeast Expressway - large chunks of our neighborhood have been virtually walled off from the water. But the names of our seaside villages and roadways tell the story of a time before the asphalt and steel slabs got in the way: Clam Point. Freeport Street. Port Norfolk.

Another large reminder of Dorchester's nautical roots steams into Boston Harbor on Friday, just in time to help celebrate the anniversary of the neighborhood's settlement back in 1630.  Read more

Neponset Ave. nursing home looks to set new standard

Daniel Ryan
May. 28, 2008

The front lobby is ornately decorated, with Persian-style rugs underfoot and antique furniture lining up along gleaming wooden walls. A friendly receptionist sits behind a large mahogany desk, ready to answer any and all questions and requests. An aquarium bubbles away in the corner, its aquatic residents filling the room with flashes of color.

The Ritz-Carlton? Maybe the Hilton?

Not quite.  Read more

Well-seasoned Marty Walsh is 'go-to man' for many; After 11 years, representative's passion tempered by experience

Jim O'Sullivan, State House News Service
May. 27, 2008

The third-floor hallway outside the Massachusetts House of Representatives is a waiting area outside a delivery room. Inside are the people doing the work, and outside are those hoping for happy news.

Expectants stand in pinstripes and pantsuits, with skirts and throbbing BlackBerrys, conducting casual asides that look like grave discussions and serious policy disagreements that look like back-slapping.  Read more

2008 Dorchester Day Parade Roster

Advanced Units

Boston Fire Department Equipment

Boston Emergency Medical Services

Suffolk County Sheriff's Department

Eascare Ambulance George Gilpin

McCall Transportation Steve McCall

Boston Boarding Mark O'Neil

Mayor Thomas M. Menino and family

Commissioner of The City of Boston

Veterans Affairs Gene Valliencourt

Boston Police Mounted Unit

Boston Honor Guards

Boston Police Gaelic Column James Barry

Chief Marshal Joe Chaisson

Honorary Chief Marshal

Michael Leahy  Read more

$34 thousand for Dot Day

Who says that a dance at the schoolhouse gym can't help pay the bills.

Ryan Woods, whose campaign collected more than $17,000 in one night at his May 10 dance-fundraiser at the Blessed Mother Teresa school on Savin Hill Avenue, was declared the winner of the 2008 Mayor of Dorchester contest on Monday evening. Woods tallied a total of $24,259 in contributions for the Dorchester Day Parade Committee.  Read more

Former Nantucket selectman launches council at-large bid

A former Nantucket selectman is hoping to snag a seat on the Boston City Council next year. Doug Bennett, a case specialist in Suffolk County's criminal trial court, announced this week he will be running for one of the four at-large seats on the 13-member council.

Stating that he wanted to bring "fresh blood" onto the council, Bennett said of the current members, "They want to stay in forever. They don't believe in term limits."

Bennett said he would push for the creation of a court specifically geared towards domestic violence, cleaner streets, and a focus on "green jobs."  Read more

After a decade of work, a garden blooms at Shawmut

With a yew and haw and a black cohosh, neighbors of the Shawmut T station on the Red Line celebrated the culmination of an over a decade-long struggle last Saturday. Where once stood decrepit warehouses and flooded sidewalks now grows a medicinal herb garden with informational plaques and 36 plant varieties.  Read more

New report on Carney status seen as 'positive'

While community leaders hold a public meeting to discuss strategies to keep Caritas Carney Hospital as an acute care facility tonight, executive members of Caritas Christi Healthcare's Board of Governors will also be briefed on a long-anticipated consultant's report on the future of the financially-challenged hospital.  Read more

Memorial Day fare: parade and prayers

The city's longest-running observance of the Memorial Day holiday will hit the streets of Lower Mills and Cedar Grove on Monday morning, as veterans and their families join neighbors for a parade to salute the sacrifices of the neighborhood's war dead - and their comrades who returned.  Read more

Rifts begin to show in Columbia Point planning

Last Thursday's public planning meeting for Columbia Point brought forth a plethora of details, a smidgeon of creative vision, and a hint of old grudges slowly rising out of the old calf pasture.  Read more

Rap pioneer DMC salutes local man for dogfight lyrics

Braidie Connors
May. 21, 2008

On May 13 Darryl "DMC" McDaniels of the legendary rap duo Run DMC personally congratulated Mattapan's very own Dwayne "Dagah" Simmons for winning a rap competition that was judged by DMC himself.  Read more

Trial underway for accused killer in Bourneside massacre case

For want of a Glock 9mm with glow-in-the-dark "sights."

That's why a 21-year-old Dorchester man fatally shot three members of a local rap group and their friend, Suffolk County prosecutors charged this week, as the trial of accused killer Calvin Carnes got underway.  Read more

Police: Child reports attempted abduction near St. Brendan's school

Boston Police issued a "community alert" on Monday after a 12 year-old boy was the victim of an alleged attempted abduction on his way to St. Brendan School. According to the police alert, the child was approached by a stranger at about 8:15 a.m. Monday as he walked to the school along Gallivan Boulevard.

The unknown male- described as a white male, age 40-50 - attempted to pull the boy by the arm into a vacant lot next to 663 Gallivan Boulevard. The boy broke free and made his way to the school, where he immediately notified the principal, police say.  Read more

Embattled developer's housing plans stalled

By his own account, developer and Boston firefighter Timothy O'Callaghan's finances are spread out a bit too thin these days. At a number of his Dorchester construction sites, unfinished plywood paneling bleaches in the sun and weeds grow up through tire ruts where construction vehicles once roamed. He said he has a plan to find the funds to start work again, but considering the cost of a good attorney, this may take a while.  Read more

Life expectancy rises for city, but racial gaps remain

Bostonians may be living longer, but deep disparities continue to exist between whites and minorities, the Boston Public Health Commission said in a report this week.

Bostonians born between 2004 and 2006 can expect to live about 78 years, but broken down, blacks can expect to live 74 years, while whites can expect to live almost 79 years and Latinos 81 years, according to the commission's Health of Boston report. Life expectancy for the Asian population couldn't be calculated due to the small number of deaths.  Read more

In Grove Hall, radio rebels dig in

Touch FM's MC Spice exhorts listeners to nominate their "Wednesday women" yesterday - the women they know and admire who own businesses in the community. A contest of slow jams determines which nominee will win free ads on the station. The station was recently fined $17,000 by the Federal Communications Commission for operating without a license. Photo by Pete Stidman  Read more

Invasive knotweed helps heal Franklin Park Zoo's giraffe

Daria Casinelli
May. 14, 2008

To feed a finicky giraffe with wasting disease, you need the right food and plenty of it. Beech leaves might be Franklin Zoo denizen Beau the giraffe's absolute favorite, but an invasive plant in Franklin Park called Japanese knotweed turns out to be a close second.

According to Pearl Yusuf, Assistant curator for hoofs and horns at the Franklin Park Zoo, volunteers from the Franklin Park Coalition (FPC) are helping the giant ruminant get enough of his second favorite food to save him from giraffe wasting syndrome.

"They have it and we need it," said Yusuf.  Read more