OFD actress makes triumphant return in musical

Martine Louis
Feb. 20, 2008

Carolynne Warren plays a menopausal housewife in the hit production, "Menopause the Musical," but this award-winning actress is at the prime of her career and happy to be back to her Dorchester roots.

Warren, 46, who grew up in the Geneva Avenue neighborhood but now lives in Los Angeles, has returned with her off-Broadway cast to perform at the Stuart Street Playhouse.  Read more

St. Ann's School to be rehabbed, not torn down

The Neponset Avenue campus that houses St. Ann's Catholic grammar school will be renovated over a two year period beginning this June, officials involved in the construction plans told the Reporter this week. The decision means that students will not be displaced during the reconstruction project, which had initially called for the demolition of the original 1909 schoolhouse and the construction of a brand new academic facility.  Read more

Odor control facility raises new questions on Columbia Point

A 2.1-mile sewer overflow tunnel being built under William J. Day Boulevard may be hitting a speed bump, as a key Columbia Point landowner is raising a stink over a planned odor control facility nearby.

The Corcoran Jennison Companies, owner of the Bayside Exposition Center, is planning on hitting local neighborhood civic associations with its concerns on the single-story brick structure, known as an odor control facility, set to be built behind the State Police barracks.  Read more

Dot dance crew takes MTV to 'the gutter'

The members of Boston dance crew Status Quo Joshua Green, Darius Rutledge, Jamal Weaver, Dwayne Hines and Ernest Phillips compete tonight in MTV's series "Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew." Courtesy of MTV/Chris Polk.

Six members of Boston's 15-person all male dance crew, Status Quo, are competing on MTV's new show, America's Best Dance Crew, and showing the world what true street dancing looks like.  Read more

Guerilla art outfit gets fast notice after e-mail blast

A new guerilla-style art project called "Dot Aht" has hit the Internet, and presumably the streets of Dorchester. A website at is encouraging artists to install a temporary objet d'art or two on the streets of the city, "to create dialog and to reinvigorate the creative spirit in all the neighborhoods of Dorchester."  Read more

Dot health leaders press case for Carney's survival

Local health center leaders are taking preemptive moves to stoke up public awareness of the Caritas Carney Hospital's importance after what many of them call concerning visits by one of Caritas Christi Health Care's hired consultants.  Read more

Some see flu outbreak in city neighborhoods

Martine Louis
Feb. 13, 2008

Boston residents have flocked to some local health facilities at an alarming rate in recent weeks, with symptoms of fevers, body aches and fatigue. Dr. Joe Bresee and Center for Disease Control spokesperson Curtis Allen confirmed there was a recent influenza epidemic in the U.S. during a Feb. 8 CDC conference, and that the situation in Massachusetts called for concern.  Read more

CVS probes Codman area for new location

Dorchester, Mattapan and Roxbury are hot properties in the eyes of CVS, Walgreens and other general retailers, and some community activists are starting to question whether it's a good thing.

"I just want to raise the concern that could come from a lot of the small businesses on the street who do convenience-type business and the impact it would have on their business," said local resident Adam Gibbons at the Feb. 6 Codman Square Neighborhood Council meeting.  Read more

Keeping up with the pols and their spending habits

One local lawmaker returned money to an Indian tribe after their leader disgraced himself. A senator spent $85 on make-up for the St. Patrick's Day breakfast in South Boston. And the rest of Dorchester's State House delegation showered their campaign funds on local charities and flower shops.

Campaign finance reports, available at the Office of Campaign and Political Finance's website, are a goldmine for political junkies and politicians eager to see where their colleagues and potential opponents stand. They can also be a source of some headaches.  Read more

Fields Corner development denied at Board of Appeal

Mark Raimondi, owner of Ellsworth Supply on Dorchester Avenue, has so far lost a bid to create seven new housing units in a vacant lot behind his place of business between Ellsworth and Kimball streets.

The city's Zoning Board of Appeal listened Tuesday as a long line of representatives from elected official's offices and Council President Maureen Feeney expressed their opposition to the development, citing the density concerns of abutters and neighborhood associations. Only the Carpenter's Union stood in support.  Read more

City moves to foreclose on Upham's Maxwell building

Plans to turn a large Uphams Corner industrial complex into a mixed-use building with 90 new affordable housing units seem to be derailed this week, and the city is moving to foreclose on the property instead.

Over $1.6 million in back property taxes, penalties and interest, is owed on 65 E. Cottage St., commonly known as the Maxwell building. But that isn't all.  Read more

Davis questions impact of city's streetworkers

Boston's top cop has raised questions on the effectiveness of the city's streetworkers, pointing to the need nowadays for background checks and different hours as potentially detrimental.

At a meeting last month in the Area C-11 police station, City Councillor Charles Yancey pressed Police Commissioner Ed Davis on the matter, arguing that the city needs to be deploying more streetworkers and engaging at-risk youth, a cause that the Dorchester pol held a recent hearing on at City Hall.  Read more

At UMass, standout ballplayer found lane to better life

Martine Louis
Feb. 13, 2008

Today he is hailed as one of the best players in the history of UMass Boston's men's basketball program. But, just a few years ago, Alberto "Amigo" Paniagua was heading down the wrong path.

"I never saw myself being in college," said Paniagua, 26, a Mattapan native who dropped out of school during his senior year at Dorchester High. "I took the path many misguided youth take and decided it was cooler to be doing my own thing."

Paniagua took a job at the Boston University food court. After three years, he decided to go back to school.  Read more

New housing chief Friedman first ever from a CDC

In a move that may mark one of the final milestones in the shift away from the days of Urban Renewal and government-controlled housing development, Mayor Thomas Menino tapped Evelyn Friedman, director of Nuestra Comunidad Development Corporation to be his Chief of Housing and director of the Department of Neighborhood Development. She will be the first from a community development corporation to lead the department.  Read more

High bail for alleged owner of Adams St. gun and drug cache

An Adams St. residence last week appeared to double as a drug and weapons warehouse, as police uncovered a large cache of guns, marijuana and crack cocaine there.

The cache allegedly stashed away at the 349 Adams St.  Read more

New Shawmut station connects past and present

Eighteen-month old Virginia White is pictured on a sled ouitside Shawmut Station in 1924. This image is one of 12 historic panels that now adorn the renovated station.  Read more

Aide to six governors, Terry Dolan says farewell to Corner Office

Terry Dolan, who retired from her job in the governor's office last week, was the guest of honor at a State House party on Feb. 1. Governor Deval Patrick was on hand to congratulate Dolan. Photo courtesy Gov. Patrick's office.

After serving six governors, filing away countless important documents, and attending softball games to cheer on the executive branch's team in the rain and on her birthday, Theresa "Terry" Dolan is leaving the Corner Office.  Read more

Obama wins big across Dorchester Clinton strong in Neponset, Savin Hill; wins Ward 16

Sen. Hillary Clinton beat out her opponent by almost 15 percentage points in a high turnout Massachusetts primary Tuesday, but four of Dorchester's five main wards voted for Sen. Barack Obama as did the city of Boston as a whole.
Click here for a PDF of the precinct-by-precinct results.  Read more

Johnson plans shift in school leadership roles

After her first 100 days in office, the woman in charge of Boston Public Schools - who says she "hit the ground listening" - outlined a plan last week for change in Boston Public Schools. Superintendent Carol Johnson aims to increase accountability, target drop out rates and explore new school models and extra classes for high achieving students, all while keeping an eye on the bottom line: the budget.

She also offered hints about what the future may hold for busing as fuel prices rise and for the No Child Left Behind Act if a Democrat wins the Oval office.  Read more

Superintendent plans changes in leadership roles

After her first 100 days in office, the woman in charge of Boston Public Schools -- who says she "hit the ground listening" -- outlined a plan last week for change in Boston Public Schools. Superintendent Carol Johnson aims to increase accountability, target drop out rates and explore new school models and extra classes for high achieving students, all while keeping an eye on the bottom line: the budget.

She also offered hints about what the future may hold for busing as fuel prices rise and for the No Child Left Behind Act if a Democrat wins the Oval office.  Read more

Upham's Corner teen lends talents to build community

Ashley Miranda and James Wyse, Keystone Club Members
Feb. 1, 2008

Editor's Note: The Keystone Club, a youth group based at the Colonel Daniel Marr Boys and Girls Club, has begun a new project in coordination with the Reporter to profile outstanding neighborhood youth throughout the upcoming year. This is the second in that series of profiles, dubbed Keystone Stars, prepared by Keystone Club members Ashley Miranda and James Wyse.  Read more

Courthouse roundup: Charged with biting a police officer

An Intervale Street man and his girlfriend were in Dorchester District Court this week adding to the list of police reports on the two of them. Both were arraigned on charges of assault and battery and one for biting a police officer.

Tyrone Silcott, 37, of 159 Intervale St., pleaded not guilty to the charges. Silcott's court-appointed attorney, Jeffrey Clifford, said his client is disabled, with six children, including three with the victim.

A separate case is pending with him as the victim, Clifford said.  Read more

Wesley Child Care Center moves to St. Matthew's

A former Catholic school building, dormant since its closure in 2006, will soon bustle with the sounds of small feet again.

The Wesley Child Care Center will celebrate its new location at 29 Stanton St. on Feb. 14 with a ribbon cutting ceremony. The building housed St. Matthew School until June 2006, when low enrollment and budget concerns caused the school to close its doors.  Read more


For many of Dorchester Avenue's publicans, it's been a rocky decade. Due to a strong economy in Ireland, an increasingly restrictive immigration policy, and the falling value of the American dollar, many of the Irish that once bar-hopped establishments like Tara Pub, Ned Kelly's and Nash's have opted for greener pastures in the old country.

Rising beer and food prices have squeezed bar-owners from the other end, forcing many to face the small businessman's classic decision when times are tough. Cut costs, sell the business or invest in big changes.  Read more

New push set: vs. crime in Talbot-Washington area

A joint law enforcement and community initiative to target gun violence and quality of life problems in one of the city's most crime-challenged corridors is ratcheting up its efforts this year. The Washington Street/Talbot Avenue Safe Neighborhood Initiative (SNI) has begun a series of community-wide meetings aimed at prioritizing hot-spots and coordinating a response between police, prosecutors and community-based organizations.  Read more