Phoenix offers respite from the campaign doldrums

This week's Boston Phoenix has a look at both the preliminary race for mayor and the crowd of newcomers running in the at-large race.

David Bernstein writes about the showdown between Sam Yoon and Michael Flaherty over who gets to take on Mayor Thomas Menino in the final. (Sorry, Kevin.)  Read more

Menino defends BRA: ‘They’re always under attack’

Mayor Thomas Menino is defending the Boston Redevelopment Authority, an agency that has drawn heavy fire from the three other candidates running for mayor.  Read more

Mel King says he's a Yoonie

The endorsement of former state Sen. Bill Owens appears to have been just an appetizer.  Read more

WHERE THEY ARE: The candidates’ schedules – 8/10/09

Mayor Tom Menino works lunch programs and Federally stimulated jobs, while Kevin McCrea will be on Neighborhood Network News today. Sam Yoon courts seniors in Chinatown and commuters at Stony Brook station.  Read more

WHERE THEY ARE: The candidates’ schedules – 8/8/09

Looking for some fun in the sun, with politics on the side? Head to the Dorchester Beach Festival, which will feature appearances from Mayor Thomas Menino and South End businessman Kevin McCrea.  Read more

In praise of 'serious journalists'

New England Cable News' Jim Braude received some love from Sam Yoon's mayoral campaign tonight. Fellow mayoral hopeful Kevin McCrea, not so much.  Read more

WHERE THEY ARE: The candidates' schedules - 8/7/2009

It's six weeks until the Sept. 22 preliminary election. Mayor Menino heads to Camp Harbor View while Michael Flaherty takes in a softball game and Sam Yoon goes for a walk in Brighton.  Read more

The proclivities of construction sites

Banker & Tradesman reporter Paul McMorrow asks: "We all know that signs don’t vote. The question is: Can construction sites?"

Money talks (to reporters)

"A political campaign is more than a traveling debate society," Slate's Jack Shafer wrote last year.  Read more

Pressley picks Kerry aide as her new campaign manager

Gintautas Dumcius and Mike Deehan, Reporter Staff
Aug. 6, 2009

Meet City Council At-Large candidate Ayanna Pressley’s new campaign director: James Chisholm, a top local aide to U.S. Sen. John Kerry. According to one source close to the campaign, Pressley just wasn’t clicking with her now-former campaign manager, Stuart Rosenberg.

So it’s no surprise that Pressley, a former aide to Kerry herself, has turned to a friend and fellow Kerry staffer to take over. Chisholm, who worked as a deputy press secretary and speechwriter for the senator, officially started work on Pressley’s campaign on Monday.  Read more