Hart anticipates 'great material' for breakfast

A burgeoning mayoral race. A governor who has just returned from Jamaica with his taxpayer-paid troopers in tow. And an ex-governor from several states away who is prone to swearing and allegedly calling a U.S. Senate seat a "[expletive] valuable thing."

Those are just some of the topics expected to come up with a side of corned beef during the St. Patrick's Day breakfast this Sunday at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. The event is an annual political tradition held every year since about the 1940s in the city, still a stronghold for Irish-American elected officials.  Read more

Locals take stage for First Night

On the night of Dec. 31, some folks are out on the town late; others are under the covers early to wake up fresh for the start of the new year. But there will be no relaxing for a sizeable number of Dorchester and Mattapan artists who will be part of 12 solid hours of cultural programming as they share their talents with over a million people as part of the 33rd First Night Boston, the oldest, largest and most-often-copied New Year's Eve arts celebration in North America.  Read more

Eyewitness Christmas: Tellin' it how it was

Editor's note: Tony, an angel, visits earth fairly often now because there is a lot for him to do here. He dictated this article to an old friend of ours, Ed Madden, about 13 years ago, while he was still with us. He says they are still engaging in a bit of deviltry, and enjoying every heavenly minute of it. By Tony, an Angel

I don't really know how I got picked for the job of going down to Bethlehem that night. It certainly wasn't my great singing voice. You folks think all angels are born singers, but we're not.

 Read more

Volunteer elves make Christmas season brighter in Dot

I guess it was about ten years ago that then-Captain Robert Dunford let a bunch of us meet at his station house and plan a Dorchester Holiday Celebrations Tour.  Read more

Dot artists make holiday pitch 'Think of us when choosing your gifts'

Ekua Holmes' painting "Free" is one of the paintings that will be on exhibit at this weekend's Franklin Park art show. Image courtesy Franklin Park Coalition/ Ekua Holmes

"Buy local."  The slogan works for veggies, fruits, and dairy products. Why not for holiday gifts? At least that's the pitch from visual artists from Dorchester and near-by neighborhoods who make at least part of their living from sales of their work.  Read more

Holiday Stroll draws hundreds to Lower Mills

The first annual Holiday Stroll of Lower Mills - held last Thursday night, Nov.13 - drew more than 300 persons into the village business district to meet with neighbors and merchants.  Read more

The Urban Gardener's Thanksgiving Day Schedule

(Editor's Note: Due to popular demand, we are pleased to reprint Mary Casey Forry's classic column about her schedule of activities around the house for Thanksgiving Day. This article first appeared in the Dorchester Reporter in November 1986.)

6:15 a.m. - Rise and attempt to shine. Find way to kitchen without falling over sleeping animals on the dark, narrow, back stairs.  Read more

Dot's Hindus celebrate Nine Nights

Hindus from across New England gather to celebrate Navratri or Nine Nights, at Dorchester's Ganesh Temple near Codman Square. Photo by Bijoyeta Das.  Read more

Vietnamese tradition comes to Dot Park

Sep. 3, 2008

The 14th of September, which happens to be the 15th day of the eighth lunar month in the calendar used in Vietnam, is the day of Têt Trung Thu, a traditional child-centric harvest festival. For the first time - on Sept. 1 - that holiday which involves colorful lanterns, singing and moon cakes, will be celebrated publicly in Dorchester Park.  Read more

Memorial Day fare: parade and prayers

The city's longest-running observance of the Memorial Day holiday will hit the streets of Lower Mills and Cedar Grove on Monday morning, as veterans and their families join neighbors for a parade to salute the sacrifices of the neighborhood's war dead - and their comrades who returned.  Read more