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Dorchester Day Parade Committee - 2012 Youth Art Contest

The Dorchester Day Parade Committee is hosting its 1st annual art contest open to all
Dorchester residents in the 3rd through 6th grade or students that attend a Dorchester
school. Two (2) prizes will be awarded to the drawings that are chosen from a
panel of local judges. Please fill out the registration form below and mail it with your
Art to the committee chair. A completed registration form and Art must be
postmarked by March 16, 2012 to be considered for a prize.

1.) The student must be a Dorchester resident or attend a Dorchester school.  Read more

(617) 412-9822
Marty Hogan

Large brush fire tough to fight along the Neponset

Neponset brush fire. Photo by Boston Fire.

Neponset brush fire. Photo by Boston Fire Department

Firefighters had to lay several hundred feet of hose Wednesday night to battle a brush fire along the Neponset River in Lower Mills.

The brush fire, reported around 7:15 p.m., consumed brush behind Ventua Street, took firefighters from six engine companies, two ladder companies and two specialized brush-fire units, the Boston Fire Department reports.

Fire Department spokesman Steve MacDonald reports firefighters found it "unreal" to be fighting a brush fire in February.  Read more

James Baker and John Hannon: pioneer chocolatemeisters

Peter F. Stevens, Reporter Staff
Feb. 16, 2012

Chocolatier to the World: The Walter Baker factory in Lower Mills in its heyday. Postcard courtesy Earl Taylor, Dorchester Historical Society

Editor’s Note: This Sunday, the Dorchester Historical Society will host its Great Chocolate Cook-off— featuring a tasting contest and a look back at the historical roots of chocolate production— both here in Dorchester and beyond. Sunday’s event starts at 2 p.m. at the DHS headquarters, 195 Boston Street. Those participating in the cook-off should deliver their creations by 11 a.m.

The following are excerpts taken from an article by Peter F. Stevens originally published in the Reporter in 1998.

In the fall of 1764, Dr. James Baker smelled an opportunity along the Neponset River. A mouth-watering, money-making product - that was what materialized that autumn in Baker’s chance encounter with down-on-his-luck Irish immigrant John Hannon.

Baker, a Harvard graduate who had practiced “physicke [sic.],” medicine, for a time and had run a Dorchester store, met Hannon on a local road and soon discovered that even though the Irishman did not have a shilling in his pocket, he did possess a prized skill.  Read more

Police seek suspects in trolley attack ‘hate crime’

Suspect #2 in trolley attack: Captured on surveillance video at Butler Street station on Monday. MBTA Police imageSuspect #2 in trolley attack: Captured on surveillance video at Butler Street station on Monday. MBTA Police imageMBTA police are investigating a Monday night attack of a man riding the Mattapan trolley as a possible anti-gay hate crime.

The incident took place at 10:30 p.m. on Monday night as the 48 year-old male victim was a passenger on a Mattapan-bound high-speed trolley in the vicinity of Butler Street station. According to MBTA Police, the two men “assaulted the victim while berating him with racial and homophobic slurs.” The two suspects— who have not yet been identified or caught— allegedly tried to pull the victim off the trolley to continue the assault.  Read more

New organ at home in St. Greg’s choir loft

Roger Mansen, Rev. Vincent Daily, Al McNeeley and Greg Martiros after the new Allen organ was lifted into place in the choir loft at St. Gregory’s Church on Tuesday, Jan. 17. Photo by Bill Forry

“It’s like trading in your old broken-down Chevy for a new Beemer,” explains Father Vincent Daily, the pastor at St. Gregory’s church in Lower Mills. Some might raise him and say the new organ that was installed in the loft at Dorchester’s oldest Catholic church this week is more akin to a Rolls Royce.  Read more

Stolen ATM dumped on Richmond Street, take two

ATM dumped curbside on Richmond Street on Dec. 23ATM dumped curbside on Richmond Street on Dec. 23Richmond Street has evidently become the preferred dumping ground for ATMs thieves working towns on the South Shore. On Dec. 23, someone dumped the ATM shown above around 5 a.m. on the sidewalk outside 115 Richmond Street. Boston Police later said that the ATM had been stolen overnight from a veterans post in Abington.

Today, neighbors were awoken at 3 a.m. by the familiar banging sound of a stolen ATM being dumped from a vehicle outside 113 Richmond, just one door up from the earlier incident. This time, Boston Police say the cracked-open machine had been hauled out of a Weymouth barber shop a few hours before it was dumped.  Read more

Bad Santa makes overnight delivery in Lower Mills

ATM dumped curbside on Richmond StreetATM dumped curbside on Richmond StreetNeighbors on Richmond Street awoke to find an ATM machine dumped curbside this morning. The machine was apparently stolen overnight and dropped off on the Lower Mills street sometime before daybreak.  Read more

ATM dumped curbside on Richmond Street

ATM dumped curbside on Richmond Street

Draft map revamps City Council districts, leaves Jackson in District 7

District 7 City Councillor Tito Jackson would not have to move or give up his seat on the City Council, according to a draft map featuring redrawn political boundaries for the city's 9 district council seats. Jackson's colleague, Michael Ross, isn't as lucky. Ross, who lives in Mission Hill, would no longer live in District 8, under the draft map circulated to reporters and staff inside City Hall on Wednesday.

A City Council committee, headed by District 2 City Councillor Bill Linehan, was tasked with redrawing the political boundaries of the districts, following U.S. Census counts that showed shifts in population requiring some districts to shed residents and other districts to gain residents.

Linehan's district was one of those that needed to lose population, so District 2 was redrawn without some parts of Chinatown and the South End – two areas where Linehan's recent opponent, Suzanne Lee, did well in the November election.  Read more