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Octogenarian lady crime fighter gets the job done

For those of you who read last week’s column concerning suspects of advancing years (48+), I would like to start off this week by introducing you to a tough as nails, fiery 85-year-old Fields Corner crime fighter.

October 26, 4:12 p.m.  Read more

UPDATE: Second man found dead on Mascot Street was murdered

Mascot Street death investigationMascot Street death investigationSunday: One shooting, one dead; Tuesday: 2d body across the street
Boston Police are investigating whether the body of a 19 year-old man found dead in the driveway of a Mascot Street property on Tuesday morning was a second victim of a shooting incident early on Sunday morning that left a teenager dead. The mother of the man found dead on Tuesday says that in fact her son was also shot — and had been missing since Saturday night.

A Boston Police report obtained by the Reporter on Friday confirms that the second man found dead on Mascot Street— Nervin Charlot— was shot to death, making him Boston's 66th murder victim of the year so far.

Boston Police were called to the area of 64 Mascot Street about one o’clock Sunday morning for a report of shots fired. At the scene, Area B-3 officers found a male victim suffering from a gunshot wound to the upper chest. The victim — a 17 year old — was taken to Boston Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. A police report obtained on Friday identifies the victim as Emmanuel Louissaint.  Read more

Man arrested for South Boston housebreak now also charged with wedding-limo carjacking, housebreak

The Boston Police Department reports a man arrested inside a South Boston woman's apartment for housebreaking last night also faces charges for a series of incidents on Saturday that ended with one homeowner chasing him for several blocks until he got into a limo bearing bridesmaids and drove off.  Read more

Body found across street from Sunday murder

The Boston Police Department reports the discovery today of a body behind 63 Mascot St., directly across the street from where a teenager was shot to death on Sunday.

Homeowner chased wedding carjacker when he came home to find the man in his house

Adam Gaffin, special to the Reporter
Nov. 8, 2010

Ian Gold had just put his three-year-old daughter down for a nap when he smelled cigarette smoke. Odd, since nobody in his family smokes. Then he saw a guy racing down the stairs from the third floor of their home on Howes Street in Dorchester.  Read more

Second teen in four days shot to death

The Boston Police Department reports finding a male in his late teens with a gunshot wound at 64 Mascot St. around 12:55 a.m. today. He was taken to Boston Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.  Read more

Teen shot to death near home on Mallon Rd.

Reporter Staff
Nov. 5, 2010

Shooting scene: Dorchester resident Lloyd  > Payne's vehicle plowed through a fence on Bullard Street following the fatal midday shooting on Thursday.Shooting scene: Dorchester resident Lloyd Payne's vehicle plowed through a fence on Bullard St. following the fatal midday shooting on Thursday.

The Boston Police Department reports 18-year-old Lloyd Payne was found shot at 34 Mallon Rd. around 1:20 p.m. on Thursday.  Read more

Savin Hill man charged with West Roxbury bank robbery

The Boston Police Department reports arresting Christopher A. Higgins on charges he robbed a bank on Centre Street in West Roxbury Wednesday morning with the unwitting help of a friend who drove him across town.  Read more

No teen names today; just poor adult role models

We’ve all heard time and time again about the decline in morals, gratitude, and sometimes just plain common decency, when discussing the behavior of today’s teenagers. But in all honesty, I feel that when it comes to the younger generation, teenagers get a bum rap.

Behavior and morals, or the lack thereof, are learned or not at an early age and thus a person’s character is built. It seems to me that maybe our generation is partly to blame for the younger generation’s misgivings with parents refusing or unable to parent their kids. Not exactly good role models.  Read more

SPECIAL REPORT: At ‘sober homes,’ issues of safety inside, safeguards outside

Pat Tarantino and Stephen Kurkjian, Special to the Reporter
Nov. 4, 2010

Second of two parts.
Three years ago, a series of newspaper articles raised serious questions of safety and supervision in the operation of so-called “sober homes” throughout the city of Boston, prompting city and state political leaders to call for desperately needed reforms to assure that recovering substance abusers who lived in these homes had a chance for recovery.

The articles in the Boston Herald and the Bay State Banner found poor living conditions in many sober homes, including the fact that two men had fatally overdosed in one Roxbury sober-living complex, spurring local and state officials and leaders in the fight against substance abuse to call for controls on the homes to make certain that residents received the help they needed to stay clean while ensuring the homes did not pose a safety threat to neighbors.

“We don’t fund them, but we need to have oversight over them,” Senator Steven A. Tolman (D-Brighton) said in a 2007 interview with the Herald. “The neighborhoods have to have recourse if they are run inappropriately.’’

Three years later, little has changed. None of the proposed rules and standards meant to ensure safe living conditions inside the homes have been enacted, nor have any safeguards been put in place for neighbors concerned about the operation of these homes. In fact, an investigation by the Dorchester Reporter has found, no one inside Boston City Hall or the State House can state with accuracy how many sober homes exist in the city or how many people live in them.  Read more