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A fire that raced through a three-story, two-family home at 5 Page St. late Tuesday afternoon left nine people without a home. The Boston Fire Department says a short circuit on the first floor caused the fire, which resulted in an estimated $400,000 in... Read more
Vince Droser: Key figure in revitalization of Ashmont area died on January 4 after suffering an apparent heart attack. He was 55 years old. Reporter file photo. Vince Droser, whose vision and leadership have been instrumental in the revitalization of the... Read more
Leo Lydon memorial clock on Savin Hill Ave.Workers installed an impressive new time-piece on Savin Hill Avenue this morning: a clock named in memory of the late Leo Lydon, a lifelong Dorchester resident and judge who was a well-admired civic activist and... Read more
The Boston Police Department reports the residents of 251 Boston St. were forced out of their apartments this morning by a 60-gallon heating-oil spill Sunday morning. They will have to find other places to live until the spill is cleaned up, police say.
Four children were injured Saturday afternoon when porches collapsed while they were building a snowman at 21 Crowell St. The Boston Fire Department reports two 11-year-old girls, a 10-year-old boy and a 7-year-old boy were on the third-floor porch when... Read more
Second Church of DorchesterNorfolk Street is a busy thoroughfare that winds its way from Blue Hill Avenue in Mattapan Square to Codman Square. As the neighborhoods it traverses have changed to dramatic effect over the last century, numerous churches of... Read more
TurnerAs promised, ex-city Councilor Chuck Turner has filed a federal lawsuit demanding he be allowed back into the City Council chambers. In his suit, co-filed Thursday with several constituents in US District Court in Boston, Turner charges his Dec. 1... Read more
Mourning toddler: The grandmother of Amanihotp Smith,2, held up photos of the little boy at Morningstar Baptist Church. Photo by Adam Gaffin/Universal Hub 2010 left a bloody legacy in Dorchester and Mattapan— low-lighted by the Sept. 28 massacre on... Read more
 It is Sunday morning on Norfolk Street, and the sounds of hymns and sermons can be heard on the blocks between Capen Street and Milton Avenue where the Mount Olive Kingdom Builders’ Worship Center, the New Jerusalem Evangelical Baptist Church, the... Read more
Just 50 feet beyond Milton Avenue is the stark white building of the Prayer Tower Apostolic Church, which sits so close to the street that it touches the sidewalk at 141 Norfolk St. Although the church has a barren front, its side door welcomes those who... Read more
Eglise Evangelique Bethel Le Rocher and Christ Tabernacle Church are the first houses of worship churches a traveler comes to along Norfolk east of Morton Street. Located at the corner of Middleton Street, they share a building next to the Pauline... Read more
Norfolk Street is a busy thoroughfare that winds its way from Blue Hill Avenue in Mattapan to Codman Square. As the neighborhoods it traverses have changed to dramatic effect over the last century, numerous churches of diverse congregations have sprung up... Read more
Sunday’s big snowstorm prompted the MBTA to take its Mattapan High Speed trolleys out of service for two days this week. The vintage, orange Presidential Conference Cars (PCCs) were the only rolling stock in the T’s inventory that stopped rolling during... Read more
Former state Sen. Dianne WilkersonThe judge who will sentence former state Sen. Dianne Wilkerson on Jan. 6 said testimony given on Dec. 22 by a local contractor is “relevant” to her case and will have an impact on his decision. The contractor, Azid... Read more
The day after Thanksgiving, the Cristo Rey Boston High School boys basketball team were hard at work, preparing for a fresh season with brand new coach Jim Ebersole. Training alongside some members of the Marr Boys & Girls Club in Dorchester, the... Read more
More potential candidates appeared to express interest this in filling out the rest of former City Councillor Chuck Turner’s term, including an aide to U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano (D-Somerville).Candace Sealey: Applies for papers Candace Sealey, a district... Read more
Patrick's re-electionWho had a worse year – politically and locally – than former City Councillor Chuck Turner? District Seven’s City Council representative was convicted of accepting a $1,000 bribe and then booted from the 13-member council after 10... Read more
After its president resigned earlier this year to take a job consulting on a development in the area, the Fields Corner Civic Association has become inactive, leaving many questions about how to fill the vacuum when it comes to community action and... Read more
Sunday’s snowstorm— which dumped more than one foot of snow in Boston— did not deter some from venturing onto the Neponset Greenway. Tom Mulvoy on the storm’s proper name, page 7. Photo by Chris Lovett
The Boston Police Department reports arresting a West Newbury man who allegedly tried to kick his way into a Pleasant Street house last night. Police say that when officers arrived at 18 Pleasant St. around 11 p.m. Tuesday to investigate a call about a... Read more


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