‘Service’ events to mark big Walsh weekend

Marty Walsh of Savin Hill will be sworn in as the next mayor of Boston on Jan. 6 on the campus of his alma mater, Boston College. The ceremony starts at 10 a.m. at the Conte Forum.

Walsh will resign his 13th Suffolk House seat on Jan. 3, days before he takes the oath of office, which will be administered by Roderick Ireland, the chief justice of the state Supreme Judicial Court.  Read more

Work to begin on St. Kevin’s project

Mayor Thomas Menino and officials from the Boston Archdiocese on Monday dug into the Columbia Road courtyard of the former St. Kevin’s campus, breaking ground on a project aimed at providing 80 units of affordable housing in Uphams Corner.  Read more

Long road, tough call: The mayor elects to end his run

Mayor Tom Menino announced he would not seek another term on March 28, 2013.Mayor Tom Menino announced he would not seek another term on March 28, 2013.

The night of March 27, 2013 had the state’s political class initially focused on a U.S. Senate debate between Congressmen Stephen Lynch and Ed Markey, who were both vying for the Democratic nomination. But nearly everybody, from inside the debate’s green room to politicians’ fundraisers and their homes, ended up with their faces glued to their phones as word leaked out that the mayor of Boston would not be running for another term. In this edited excerpt of his campaign trail ebook “This Way to City Hall,” Dumcius takes us through what happened on that day.

On a cloudy Wednesday afternoon in late March, the black SUV sat in its usual spot, inside the horseshoe-shaped driveway off of Congress Street and underneath City Hall’s concrete overhang.

Sometime before sunset, Mayor Thomas M. Menino slipped out of the building and into the car, and with his detailed police officer in the driver’s seat, set off for the Hyde Park neighborhood of Readville and his Chesterfield Street home, the concrete structure disappearing behind him.  Read more

Embraces for ‘the mayor’ in last Bowdoin Geneva walk

Every step that Boston’s outgoing chief executive takes in the last days of his mayoralty is steeped in nostalgia. On Christmas Eve, Tom Menino walked through Bowdoin Geneva as mayor for the last time, handing out gifts at a barber shop before arriving at St. Peter’s Teen Center down the block and doing the same there.

In between, a metal bench outside the teen center was dedicated to him. Several dozen teenagers, reporters, and police officers crowded around him as a youth worker and Father Jack Ahern, who oversees St. Peter’s Parish, formally presented him with the bench.  Read more

Menino and the media: Both have a true hunger for what’s going on

Mayor Menino reads the Reporter: Mayor Tom Menino gets his weekly dose of the Reporter at the Mud House, Neponset Ave., 2007. Photo courtesy Mayor's OfficeMayor Menino reads the Reporter: Mayor Tom Menino gets his weekly dose of the Reporter at the Mud House, Neponset Ave., 2007. Photo courtesy Mayor's OfficeOn a cold Sunday morning in early March, I went up a hill and planted myself outside the Cedars of Lebanon Hall, a function facility in Jamaica Plain that straddles the border between Boston and Brookline. Inside, Mayor Tom Menino was having one of his annual neighborhood fundraisers.

Trying to stay warm, I stomped my feet and sipped on Dunkin’ Donuts coffee as one of the police officers assigned to the mayor’s security detail grabbed a bag of kosher salt and started to sprinkle fistfuls of it onto the icy sidewalk leading up to the hall. Inside, the women manning the table and the growing stack of contribution checks eyed me with unease.  Read more

Long after signs come down, his name will live on

Thomas M. Menino: He'll be remembered long after the signs come down.Thomas M. Menino: He'll be remembered long after the signs come down.Those in a hurry to start blasting Tom Menino’s name off signs and archways across this metropolis may want to find another, more meaningful pastime to while away their remaining days. Perhaps they could combine forces and finally get us a firm count on the grains of sand down at Savin Hill Beach.

Love him, like him, or loathe him – and a lot of folks in this neighborhood will probably land right in the middle when all is said and done – Tom Menino has left his permanent mark on Boston. And it’s a legacy that will stand the test of time, no matter whose moniker gets stamped onto the city’s street furniture over the next decade.

In Dorchester, Menino made some tough calls that, overall, have served our part of the city pretty well.

There were stumbles along the way. But his hands-on approach to governing the city’s neighborhoods often took on a ministerial quality. He was as much a spiritual leader as a political one, relentlessly flying the flag of city government on far-flung and forlorn corners at times of both great gravity and relative slumber. He knew that showing up was at least half the battle and so he showed up. A lot.  Read more

Reporter's Notebook | Walsh mulls appointments: ‘Trying to see what works’

Gintautas Dumcius, News Editor
Dec. 31, 2013

On the morning after Mayor Thomas Menino’s first State of the City address in January 1994, an analysis in the Globe said, “Although the new mayor coasted through the holiday season on a surfeit of good will, his administration never got out of first gear.” The report noted that he hadn’t replaced any department heads who had served under Ray Flynn and that he is “still heavily dependent upon Flynn holdovers in critical staffing roles.”  Read more

ABCD’s Mattapan director Arbaje-Thomas steps aside

Milly Arbaje-Thomas has stepped down from her role as director of ABCD’s Mattapan Family Service Center effective Jan. 1. She will be replaced in the position by Karleen Porcena, who has previously worked as the lead organizer of the Mattapan United organization, which is affiliated with ABCD. Porcena has also worked as operations manager for the Family Service Center, located on River Street in Mattapan Square.

Arbaje-Thomas has worked as ABCD’s director since May 2011. She says she will be taking time off to spend with her family and continue consulting with ABCD in the new year. Porcena’s position as lead organizer for Mattapan United will be open and advertised to new candidates beginning next week, according to Michael Vance, ABCD’s vice president for field operations.  Read more

Marathon bombing unanimous choice as State House story of the year

Matt Murphy, State House News Service
Dec. 27, 2013

There were tales of human tragedy and political triumph, long-sought justice and a ferocious debate over taxes. But at the end of 2013, no story captured the public interest and left a more indelible mark on the city of Boston and the state of Massachusetts than the bombing of the Boston Marathon finish line.

The marathon bombing and its aftermath, which claimed the lives of four and severely injured scores more, topped every ballot cast for top story of the year by the scribes who spend their days on Beacon Hill chronicling the ups and downs of Massachusetts politics and government.  Read more

THE YEAR IN POLITICS: Dot takes center stage

Jack Hart’s decision in January to call it quits and leave his state Senate seat was just the beginning of an eventful year. After that, the political realm had little time to catch its breath, with campaigns and special elections following, one after the other, at a dizzying pace.  Read more

Liquor license control proposal ready for mayor

Ayanna Pressley’s proposal to revamp the doling out of liquor licenses cleared the City Council last week with a 12-1 vote. City Councillor Bill Linehan of South Boston was the lone ‘no’ vote.  Read more

From O’Brien to Walsh: ‘A Long Green Line’

Peter Stevens, Reporter Staff
Dec. 26, 2013

A heart-breaking loss triggers a spirited response

Garvey Park Vigil on April 16Garvey Park Vigil on April 16  Read more

Marr-lin Swim Team

Marr-lin Swim Team - The Marr-lin Swim Team continued their league schedule this month including a recent meet in Chelsea. Our teen swimmers enjoyed a strong meet with the following members posting new best times: Emily Mischler (50 yd. Freestyle 29.50), Olivia McGrath (50 yd. Freestyle 28.50), Samantha Sullivan (50 yd. Freestyle 35.00), Sarah O’Donovan (50 yd. Freestyle 34.28), Grace Scuzzarella (50 yd. Freestyle 29.00), Danielle O’Driscoll (50 yd. Freestyle 31.22), Chris Cadogan (50 yd. Freestyle 36.84), Elizabeth Seero (100 yd. Freestyle 1:17.85), Lauren Hernandez (100 yd.  Read more

Enrollment numbers are at the crux of a dispute over Lilla Frederick Pilot School’s budget outlay

Boston school officials are projecting a lower enrollment for the Lilla Frederick Pilot Middle School next year, but civic activists and parents are disputing the figure, saying they have worked every year to increase the number of students.  Read more

Early-bird runners help homeless find their footing

Will Taylor, Special to the Reporter
Dec. 23, 2013

Back on My Feet Boston: Running club promotes self-sufficiency for homeless people through early morning runs through the city. Above, a group of runners representing Team Rosie’s Place is shown in the South End on a recent morning. 	Photo courtesy Back on My Feet BostonBack on My Feet Boston: Running club promotes self-sufficiency for homeless people through early morning runs through the city. Above, a group of runners representing Team Rosie’s Place is shown in the South End on a recent morning. Photo courtesy Back on My Feet Boston

If you strolled through Boston’s South End before dawn on Friday morning, you might have seen a group of spirited runners cutting through the cold winter air. They set off at 6 a.m., breaking the morning’s quiet with sharp breaths and the punctuating crunch of gritty sidewalk snow with each footfall.

To look at the determined band of nylon- and polyester-clad men and women, you might never have guessed that they set off that morning, as they do three mornings each week, from Hope House, an addiction recovery house in the South End.

They are members of Back on My Feet, a non-profit serving recovery and homeless populations that encourages self-help through running. The program has five locations in the Boston area where groups comprised of homeless or recovering individuals (“residents”) join with volunteers for some early morning exercise.  Read more

US postal worker robbed and shot on Ashmont street

A United States postal worker was ambushed, robbed, and shot in his mail truck on Friday evening in a rare and brazen assault that has prompted the US Postal Service to place a $50,000 reward for the suspects, who remain at large.  Read more

Patrick mulls broad commutations of prisoners for first time in his tenure

Andy Metzger, State House News Service
Dec. 23, 2013

Expressing continued concern with mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent drug offenders, Gov. Deval Patrick said he would be “very interested” in commuting the sentences of a segment of the inmate population if it would relieve overcrowding in prisons.  Read more

Postal worker shot in Ashmont

A postal worker was shot shortly after 6 p.m. Friday on Bailey Street.

The MBTA shut Ashmont station for both subway and bus service as police mounted a manhunt in the area that included searching backyards around the shooting scene.

Walsh discusses development, refutes reports of tension with Menino

Matt Murphy, State House News Service
Dec. 20, 2013

Boston Mayor-elect Marty Walsh on Friday pushed back against reports that there is a simmering tension between his transition team and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, fueled by what has been described as a late push from Menino to win final approvals for several major developments before the mayor leaves office in January.  Read more

Burke student charged with bringing a gun to school, biting police officer

School police arrested a student at Burke High School on Washington Street Thursday on charges of illegal possession of a firearm, resisting arrest and assault and battery on a police officer resulting in injuries.

The Boston Police Department says the 17-year-old, whom they did not identify, packed a gun in his bookbag and then "discussed having the firearm to groups of students throughout the day," word of which got to school officials, who notified school police.

Around 2:10 p.m., police say:  Read more

Dot’s Warren back home in ‘I Love Lucy’

R. J. Donovan, Special to the Reporter
Dec. 19, 2013

Carolynne Warren

Christmas is coming a little early for Dorchester native Carolynne Warren, who has built a successful career as an actress and entrepreneur in Los Angeles. The actress will find herself onstage at Boston’s Colonial Theatre from Dec. 3 to Dec. 22 as a member of the national tour of “I Love Lucy: Live On Stage.”  Read more

Neighbors press city to deal with traffic concerns in Fields Corner

Residents say large trucks like this one are a source of frequent problems on Faulkner Street.

Trucks backing up onto a small residential street in Fields Corner have drawn the ire of local residents, who have taken their complaints of traffic congestion to City Hall.

Fred Zayas, who lives on Faulkner Street, has been leading the charge, pushing city officials to ban the trucks from the beleaguered street, which has a loading dock along with a number of homes dominated by apartments. The dock is in back of a mini-mall that houses a supermarket, a liquor store, and a McDonald’s and other retailers is located between Geneva and Dorchester avenues.

Faulkner Street doesn’t just get hit with truck traffic, residents say; the street is frequently used as a cut-through, and by people who are dropping off passengers at the Fields Corner MBTA station, which is nearby. The Harbor Middle School, located on Charles Street, is also a source of traffic.  Read more