Battle of semantics rears head in Four Corners: Neighbors oppose auto repair shop on Bowdoin St.

A question of 1940s terminology has become the focal point this month of a battle against an auto repair shop in Four Corners that some neighbors say is illegal.  Read more

Patriotic flag display marked Vietnamese anniversary

Flags along the Ave.Flags along the Ave.Despite allegations to the contrary made on a local blog, last week’s display of some 400 Vietnamese and American flags which sprouted on scores of Vietnamese-owned businesses across the neighborhood was the work of a volunteer committee working to mark the anniversary of South Vietnam’s collapse in 1975.  Read more

Foreclosure not likely at Bayside, attorney says

Pete Stidman and Bill Forry, Staff Editors
May. 7, 2009

The Bayside Expo Center on Columbia Point is scheduled to be auctioned to the highest bidder next month—according to a legal ad published in the April 30 edition of the Boston Globe—but an attorney for the Bayside said it will not come to pass. He expects a “very positive resolution” to the matter.

The legal notice said a public auction would be held on the grounds of the Expo Center at 200 Mt. Vernon Street on May 28.  Read more

Council hopefuls chase signatures through raindrops

This week’s rain hasn’t dampened the spirits of the city’s political candidates as they fan out across the city to gather signatures each day. Competing for signatures, they cross each other’s paths often, and they’re civil to each other, most of the time.

Though Mayor Thomas Menino and challenger Michael Flaherty both turned in more than enough signatures to qualify last week, other mayoral challengers and those running for council are still slogging it out.  Read more

Fifteen year-old mortally wounded on Dudley Street

A 15 year-old student who was gunned down this morning on Dudley Street is not expected to survive his injuries, according to Boston Police.  Read more

‘Enhanced’ Blue Hill bus line could resemble rapid transit

A bus on the Silver LineA bus on the Silver LineState and city leaders this week announced a $100 million federal stimulus project to greatly improve public transportation along Blue Hill Avenue from Mattapan to Dudley Square, including a new connection to South Station.

It isn’t the light rail service that Roxbury’s transportation advocates have clamored for since the Orange Line was pulled off Washington Street in the late ’80s. And many in Mattapan were taken aback after being left out of the loop on the new proposal. Yet, it is a direct connection to downtown from a host of underserved neighborhoods in Mattapan and Dorchester and transportation advocates seem to be warming up to the plan.  Read more

Gunfire erupts, teen dies

Boston Police report neighbors heard numerous gunshots this evening shortly before a 17-year-old was found lying on the sidewalk at 70 Tonawanda St. around 7:19 p.m.  Read more

April tax receipts crash, state deficit nears $1 billion

Jim O'Sullivan and Michael Norton, State House News Service
May. 4, 2009

Less than three weeks after estimating a deficit as high as $550 million for the rest of the fiscal year, Gov. Deval Patrick said Monday that the actual gap could hit $953 million, as state tax collections fell at warp speed last month, nearly $1 billion below April 2008 and $456 million shy of already downgraded projections for the month.  Read more

Patrick, Menino unveil plan for "enhanced bus service" along Blue Hill corridor

State plans enhanced bus service to Mattapan: A rendering shows a "street view" of the changes along Blue Hill Ave. Source: EOTState plans enhanced bus service to Mattapan: A rendering shows a "street view" of the changes along Blue Hill Ave. Source: EOTGovernor Deval Patrick and Mayor Thomas Menino announced at noon today that the 28 bus from Ruggles to Mattapan Square will be beefed up with a new Bus Rapid Transit service. It will be phase two of a project that will also connect Dudley Square to South Station as part of the existing Silver Line—a bus service between Dudley Station, downtown, and Logan Airport.  Read more

Dot Eagles make official exit from Pop Warner league

Officials from the Dorchester Eagles youth football and cheerleading program made it official yesterday: They have pulled out of the national Pop Warner organization and joined a new youth sports league. The break comes on the heels of a bitter dispute that began after a brawl involving members of the Eagles and a rival team from Rhode Island last December.  Read more

Winery rolled out as Port Norfolk’s latest hidden gem

Brian Denitzio, Special to the Reporter
May. 1, 2009

Editor's Note: The Dorchester Historical Society will host a special event on Sunday, May 3 at The Boston Winery in Port Norfolk from 2-5 p.m. Back in 2007, the Reporter's former news editor Brian Denitzio visited the Winery — run by the Bruno family, who also own the Venezia restaurant next door. Enjoy!  Read more

Open space advocates unite

A loose-knit group of park advocates from across the city is forming a small umbrella organization to discover and promote their common causes.  Read more

Scholar from Dot, BLS headed to China for competition

Albertina Monteiro, Special to the Reporter
May. 1, 2009

An high school freshman from Dorchester has won first place at the National Chinese Language speechwriting contest. Rayshon Thompson, 15, of Boston Latin High School, started studying Mandarin Chinese only a year and seven months ago with his Latin School Chinese language teacher, Mrs. Yang.  Read more

Bayside Expo lawyer expects "positive resolution" despite foreclosure threat

The Bayside Expo Center on Columbia Point is being threatened with foreclosure and the property could be auctioned off next month, according to reports published today in Boston's daily papers. However, an attorney for the Bayside said today he expects a "very positive resolution" to the matter.  Read more

Help protect historic sites

The Dorchester Historical Society’s Architectural Preservation Committee is preparing its annual list of the neighborhood’s top ten 10 “most endangered” properties and is seeking the public’s input. As Earl Taylor, the president of the Society noted this week, the DHS has been “in the business of preservation since 1895, when it saved the Blake House (1661) the oldest house in Boston from demolition.”  Read more

Message to vandals: Not on our watch

Whoever plastered the Neponset Greenway with racist and homophobic graffiti this week should know: This neighborhood won’t tolerate your nonsense. State Police and the Boston Police Department are probing the case and it could very well result in serious charges.

And for good reason. This was not a victim-less crime.  Read more

Two work-related deaths in Dot in '08

The Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health (MassCOSH) released its annual report on worker related deaths this week, and cited 66 workers who lost their lives on the job in the state in 2008, two of them in Dorchester.

Marie Conley, a crossing guard working near the Mather School in Dorchester, was hit by an elderly driver in October last year. And Joseph Castanino III, a self-employed carpenter and father of four, died after falling from a roof at a jobsite in Dorchester.  Read more

Dot's Cornucopia: Shop local... and eat well

Dot Cornucopia: Top left: Fresh and affordable veggies at A.C. Farm Market, 1429 Dorchester Ave.; Top right: Ramon Perez, butcher at Brother's SUpermarket, 776 Dudley St.; Bottom: A Haymarket fell at New Market Farm Stand, 1299 Massachusetts Ave.Dot Cornucopia: Top left: Fresh and affordable veggies at A.C. Farm Market, 1429 Dorchester Ave.; Top right: Ramon Perez, butcher at Brother's Supermarket, 776 Dudley St.; Bottom: A Haymarket fell at New Market Farm Stand, 1299 Massachusetts Ave.Many are pinching pennies by cooking at home. Lucky for us here in Dorchester, Boston’s most diverse neighborhood, grocery shopping can be just as exciting as eating out, and the number of choices just keeps on growing.  Read more

Cases cited in state; health officials on swine flu watch

Citing an outbreak in Lowell as well as clusters of cases that have popped up across the country, state and local health officials and neighborhood caregivers are bracing for the possible serious incursion of a deadly swine flu strain into the region this week. Said Dr. Salvatore Molica, a longtime family physician at the Codman Square Health Center: “Vigilance is going to be the word of the day the next several weeks.”  Read more

Dot's talents bring new life to classic Annie!

Spring is the season for end-of-the-semester musicals, and troupes of talented kids and teens are currently executing tricky choreography and belting out showstoppers right here in Dorchester.  Read more

Correction: No Open House at Neponset Health Center

Due to an editing error in the April 23rd Reporter, an item was published in the Neighborhood Notables section about a May 3rd open house event at Neponset Health Center. There is no open house scheduled at the health center this year. The Reporter regrets the error.

O'Hearn's 'heart and soul' prepares to move on

Dr. Bill HendersonDr. Bill HendersonUpon first meeting Dr. William Henderson, the principal at the Patrick O'Hearn Elementary School, it is not immediately apparent that he is blind. When you enter the room, he greets you. When you speak to him, he makes direct eye contact. When visitors ask for directions, he immediately points them to the right area.  Read more

City-run preschools get second reprieve

After almost a dozen public meetings concerning 10 community center-based preschool and after-school programs slated to lose teacher funding, Mayor Thomas Menino has granted yet another concession. The five preschool programs under threat, including the Murphy Community Center, will now be funded until at least the end of the next fiscal year, which ends July 2010.  Read more

Dot's reps united in backing sales tax

The Dorchester delegation in the state House of Representatives joined the majority of their colleagues this week in support of hiking the sales tax to 6.25 percent from 5 percent, as Gov. Deval Patrick threatened to pull out his veto pen unless his tax and reform measures are taken up instead.

Members of the delegation added to the final vote of 108 to 51, helping secure a veto-proof majority. The all-Democratic delegation includes Reps. Willie Mae Allen, Linda Dorcena Forry, Gloria Fox, Marie St. Fleur, Brian Wallace and Marty Walsh.  Read more

Mayoral candidates race for signatures, and then some

Signatures: Frank O'Brien signs up on volunteer Steve Kinney's clipboard in support of Michael Flaherty's nomination for mayor on Tuesday.Signatures: Frank O'Brien signs up on volunteer Steve Kinney's clipboard in support of Michale Flaherty's nomination for mayor on Tuesday.The campaigns of incumbent Thomas Menino and challenger Michael Flaherty engaged in their first street skirmish Tuesday, as both campaigns asked volunteers to take a vacation day to make a show of power in gathering thousands of signatures on the day nomination papers are handed out by the city’s Elections Department.

Flaherty’s campaign declared they gathered over 4,000 signatures in five hours on Tuesday and turned them in for certification. That’s 1,000 more than the 3,000 required to get on the ballot. Because signatures can be and often are disqualified by Boston’s Election Department, the campaign will continue to ask supporters to sign up.

Our goal is to use this process to engage as many voters as possible,” said Flaherty spokesperson Jonathan Romano Monday.

Menino’s campaign traditionally tallies Tuesday’s entire signature haul and hands them in on the following day. At noon Wednesday, Emily Nowlin, Menino’s campaign manager said the campaign was submitting 19,000 signatures to the Elections Department.  Read more