WHERE THEY ARE: The candidates’ schedules –10/8/09

Ward 10 holds its candidates' night tonight and both Michael Flaherty and Sam Yoon will be there. Mayor Menino reads to children at the Copley Square library and will also attend the candidates' night.  Read more

Samyoon.com is frozen in time

Samyoon.com, the official website of the defeated Yoon campaign, is frozen in the same state it has been in since Yoon conceded his bid for Mayor on Sept. 22.  Read more

WHERE THEY ARE: The candidates' schedules - 10/7/2009

City Councillor At-Large Michael Flaherty holds a City Hall presser with fellow City Councillor At-Large Sam Yoon on a top Menino aide taking an unpaid leave of absence over the controversial deletion of work emails.  Read more

Kineavy takes leave of absence from City Hall

Embroiled in a controversy over deleted City Hall emails, a top aide to Mayor Thomas Menino requested and received an unpaid leave of absence from his job.  Read more

WHERE THEY ARE: The candidates' schedules - 10/5/2009

Both Mayor Thomas Menino and City Councillor Michael Flaherty hit awards shows tonight. Their respective schedules are below:  Read more

WHERE THEY ARE: The candidates' schedules - 10/3/2009 and 10/4/2009

Here's what the weekend looks like for Mayor Thomas Menino and Team Floon. All three will be at the Roslindale Day parade on Sunday. The rest of the schedules below:  Read more

Tobin's 'Spotlight' poems

The following are two poems delivered by City Councillor John Tobin at the "Spotlight on the Candidates":  Read more

Flaherty and Deputy

The Herald has video. "Thank you Riverside Theatre - not," Flaherty quips before he and Yoon start to croon to the tune of "Ebony and Ivory." "Flaherty, Deputy, from Fields Corner and Southie." Check it out.

Menino's 'Spotlight on the Candidates' poem

Mayor Thomas Menino's poem, as delivered to the crowd at "Spotlight on the Candidates" at the Riverside Theatre:  Read more

Mayor, council members and hopefuls take to Hyde Park stage in talent show

Mayor Thomas Menino read a poem. City Councillor At-Large Stephen Murphy and District 5 Councillor Rob Consalvo provided a rendition of "Putting on the Ritz." And District 6 Councillor John Tobin, in a Hugh Hefner get-up, dealt some one-liners.  Read more