Patrick: Turn anger in "positive direction"

Jim O'Sullivan, State House News Service
Jan. 21, 2010

STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, JAN. 21, 2010…...Addressing a state shaken up by an electoral stunner and drained by sustained economic woes, Gov. Deval Patrick acknowledged missteps but vowed to stay focused on struggling citizens’ needs, using his annual speech to lay out a limited policy agenda for the final 11 months of his term.

Describing himself as “unsatisfied” and “determined,” Patrick called for residents to convert their dissatisfaction into progress.  Read more

Suburbs put Brown over the top; gets strong showing in Neponset

Recently-elected Boston City Councillor At-Large Ayanna Pressley, that body's first African-American woman, watched in shock Tuesday night at Martha Coakley's campaign gathering at the Sheraton Boston as the disappointing vote counts flowed in. "It's going to take a while," she said. "I feel very disconnected from the reality of it. It's going to take a while for it to sink in. I believed until the very end we would pull it out."  Read more

Coakley at Eire pub tonight

On the eve of Election Day, U.S. Senate candidate Martha Coakley is returning tonight to the Eire Pub on Adams St.

Coakley, the Democratic nominee and state attorney general, previously made a trip to the historic bellwether bar on the eve of the Democratic primary in December. She will be there at 7 p.m., according to her schedule.

State Sen. Scott Brown, a Wrentham Republican hoping for an upset, made his own visit on Dec. 23.

Two former presidents, Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan, have also dropped by in the past.

(Here's a 2004 Dorchester Reporter editorial on Reagan's 1983 visit. And here's a Kevin Cullen article from 2004 about the bar.)

High court disbars Finneran

The state Supreme Judicial Court on Monday took away former House Speaker Thomas Finneran's law license, citing his pleading guilty to obstruction of justice charges in 2007.  Read more

2009: The year in politics

For political junkies, the year 2010 will be, to steal a phrase that U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano borrowed himself, "manna from heaven." All six constitutional offices -- governor, lieutenant governor, treasurer, attorney general, secretary of state and auditor -- could see spirited races, as could other positions down the ballot. And for that, political junkies can a tip a collective hat to the year 2009, which in some ways was a set-up year, when intense plotting followed the major events.  Read more

Ross moves to review city charter with Tobin as chair

Newly-reelected City Council President Michael Ross kicked off his second one-year term with a call for members to review the city's charter. The review is the first in nearly a half-century, and follows an intense debate in December over whether to place limits on how long the mayor and council members can stay in office.

West Roxbury District Councilor John Tobin, who was an early proponent of term limits, will chair a special committee charged with the review. Nonpartisan voting rights group MassVOTE, which also pushed for term limits, is also expected to be involved.  Read more

Walsh eyes Secretary of State seat; 'ifs' abound

There are quite a few “ifs” involved. But if Attorney General Martha Coakley wins her bid to replace the late Edward Kennedy in the U.S. Senate, and if current Secretary of State William Galvin moves to succeed her, Savin Hill’s Marty Walsh will run for Secretary of State.
Walsh has been a state representative on Beacon Hill since 1997, when he won a special election to succeed Jim Brett in the House of Representatives. A young Coakley, who lived in Popes Hill at the time, also ran. It was the last race that the prosecutor would lose.  Read more

Five-termer Menino to put focus on ‘innovation’ and education

Mayor Menino took to the lectern at Faneuil Hall on Monday to deliver his fifth inaugural address to a full house. City of Boston photoMayor Menino took to the lectern at Faneuil Hall on Monday to deliver his fifth inaugural address to a full house.  Read more

Office politics

For those curious about what the new office layout is: Newcomer Felix Arroyo is getting outgoing City Councillor At-Large Sam Yoon's office, while Ayanna Pressley moves into District 9 Councillor Mark Ciommo's office. Ciommo is moving into soon-to-be-former City Councillor At-Large Flaherty's office. Yoon and Flaherty's offices flank City Council President Michael Ross's office.

Political Wire: Sept. 14 Congressional primary for MA

Political Wire posts the Congressional primary calendar for 2010. Sept. 14 is the day for Massachusetts voters.

The Bay State shares the day with Delaware, Maryland, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont. and Wisconsin.