Long-shot candidate challenges Feeney for second time

Michael Coté's website touts a lone endorsement: The Massachusetts ACORN Political Action Committee.

"I think it is a long shot," Coté admits of his second run at the District 3 seat held by Boston City Council President Maureen Feeney. "Whether I win or lose depends on whether people are upset" about the issues in play, including property taxes and the number of cops on the street.  Read more

Kennedy, congressmen push for energy reforms at Dot House

David Benoit
Oct. 24, 2007

Kayla Leonard, only one day after her second birthday, reached her hand across to touch little John Jordan, three months old. Completely unaware of the situation that surrounded them, the two smiled at each other as they sat on their mothers' laps at the Dorchester House on Monday.

Ten feet away sat an influential panel of men in shirts and ties, two congressmen and two former congressmen. They were there to talk about the fate of children like Kayla and John, who may not have the heat needed to keep them healthy this upcoming winter.  Read more

Council hopeful makes pitch, one party at a time; Connolly banking on turnout push

"It's quiet out here," is the standard Dot-onian comment on the at-large City Council race this cycle. With expectations of a low-turnout, little to no press coverage and only five candidates with operations proven to pull significant votes citywide, incumbents seem to be dusting off the old campaign gear only now, three weeks before the final election.

On the other hand, skilled political observers willing to bet a trifecta in the race are exceedingly rare.  Read more

Dot lawmakers weigh Patrick's casino plan

Gov. Deval Patrick delayed months before publicly taking a pro-casino gambling stance on Monday, unveiling a proposal for three casino licenses in the state. State legislators are currently pouring over his plan, giving the benefit of the doubt, they say, but none deny there is a storm brewing on the hill.

Speaker of the House Sal DiMasi issued a careful but "skeptical" statement the following day, but included pointed questions that revealed his position on the issue:  Read more

District 7 Council race pits new blood vs. veteran activist

Voters counting the days until the preliminary election Sept. 25 - there must be a few - are witnessing a race for City Council's District 7 seat that pits one of a growing cadre of 30-something political hopefuls of color in the city against a civil rights-era office holder that is not about to retire.

Henriquez, 30, is challenging Chuck Turner, 66, for the seat. Althea Garrison, a perennial candidate for District 7, state Rep. and other offices is also in the race.  Read more

Murphy insists: I'm still a candidate for at-large seat

Speculation that at large City Councillor Stephen Murphy might take a job with the Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency should be put to rest, said Murphy himself this week.

"I'm not taking the job," he said. "I'm running for City Council. The Connolly campaign put it out there and I denied it at the time. The denial stands. It's none of anybody's business if I decide to take a job. If I get one, I'll announce it."

At-large candidate John Connolly said his campaign doesn't single out any one of the four incumbent at large councillors seats as an opponent.  Read more

Feeney orders 'churches in homes' council hearing

A gutted home sits idly on Ashmont Street, potential crowds and parking problems worry neighbors on Hamilton Street, and tenants on Sanford Street were "terrorizing the neighborhood." All of these problems, according to City Council President Maureen Feeney's office, are related to churches based in homes or residential areas. Two of the churches in question were created in houses zoned residential.  Read more

Hart withdraws name from Biotech hunt

State Sen. Jack Hart, who in recent weeks was seen as a finalist for the open job to lead the Massachusetts Bio-Technology Council, announced last Thursday that he was no longer a candidate for the position. Early this week, the council picked Robert Coughlin, a former state Rep. and Gov. Deval Patrick's undersecretary for business development as its new leader.

Hart's withdrawal from consideration quashed speculation about what candidates might emerge to compete in a race to fill his vacant senate seat.  Read more

Finneran continues to live life his way

Greg O'Brien
Aug. 7, 2007

Tom Finneran, once the most powerful and, by his own measure, the most unpopular man in Massachusetts politics, sits on a curb outside the Stockyard restaurant in Brighton on a steamy July day with much of the sizzle in his life gone, but with the spirit of a lead buffalo on a drive. Mr. Speaker, the former leader of the Massachusetts House who always insisted that his Mattapan, Dorchester, and Milton constituents in the 12th Suffolk District call him "Tommy," is dressed in an open-collar white shirt with the sleeves rolled to the forearms. He looks ready for the stump.  Read more

Finneran: Map-drawing charge 'was false, right from the start'

Tom Mulvoy
Aug. 1, 2007

For Tom Finneran, self-styled "most unpopular man" in state politics from 1999 to 2004, his days in federal court earlier this year, where he pleaded guilty to one count of obstruction of justice for making misleading and false statements under oath in a federal case involving his role in the drawing of electoral maps for the city of Boston, still rankle to his very core.  Read more