Brawl at BLA prompts new concern for some councillors

A Monday morning brawl among eighth graders at Boston Latin Academy that left one student injured prompted four Boston city councillors to fire off a second letter to BPS Supt. Mary Skipper this week. The same group of councillors wrote a similar letter on Jan. 6.

In the Jan. 23 letter, Councillors Erin Murphy, Michael Flaherty, Frank Baker, and Council President Ed Flynn note the BLA incident and the fact that a bullet was found in the parking lot of the Henderson Upper School on Jan. 20.

“There should be no question among City and State officials about returning non-invasive technology such as metal detectors, and having police officers present in our schools,” read the letter. “We hope you will agree that we need School Police to be reinstated into our school buildings for the safety of our students, our staff, and all of our Boston Public School families.”

The letter also pointed out the recent study conducted for BPS called for a group of stakeholders to be convened to discuss forming an intern sworn school police force.

“It is clear that the Boston Public Schools require immediate public safety attention and swift actions to ensure a safe learning environment for all our students,” read the letter.

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