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(UPDATED) Menino campaign posts September spot

Mayor Thomas Menino's desk gets around. At least, that's according to a spot his re-election campaign has put on YouTube.

"This is the desk of Mayor Thomas M. Menino. A man who doesn't conduct business behind closed doors, but out in the neighborhoods of Boston," the 34-second spot starts, in an apparent reference to the criticism he and the Boston Redevelopment Authority have received from his opponents, who say the administration isn't transparent in how it conducts business.

The spot then has the desk sitting outside an affordable housing project in Roslindale, "stunning parklands" in West Roxbury, tree planting in Dorchester, school yards in South Boston, and waterfront development.

Is it just us, or would it have been more fun to do it Conan O'Brien-style? The campaign couldn't spring for a green screen?

UPDATE: David Passafaro, the Menino campaign’s treasurer, said the ad will be in rotation, along with a “couple of others,” including some 15-second spots, until Sept. 22. He declined to get into details on strategy and to say how much they were spending in the expensive Boston television advertising market.

The campaign has about $1 million in the bank heading into the preliminary, which Menino is widely expected to survive, leaving Flaherty, McCrea and Yoon to duke it out for second place. The final election, between Menino and the runner-up, is scheduled for Nov. 3.


....actually liked the ad. Shows how clean our parks are and the positive aspects of our city. God forbid we actually acknowledge the great parts of our city. I know other candidates will lead you to believe everything is broke and in disrepair. Couldnt be further from the truth, but I get it.....telling the truth wont get their guy elected.

Yeah - things are great. A third of the schools are failing; kids are killing kids on our streets; there's a big hole in downtown crossing; the mayor's machine has been selling off parcels of land at discount rates to his contributors; city service are a joke and one man has held all the power in Boston for close to two decades. Things really are great, JohnFleck.

You will note from the spot that Menino isn't actually sitting at his desk. He is nowhere to be seen.

My guess - he was busy that day holding a closed-door meeting with developers.

but you have to add accepting lots of campaign contributions from those same developers. One of the least effective ads I have seen in recent years. Not very persuasive and more of a defense, vs. offense. His polling is telling him that he is in a fight.