Hart anticipates 'great material' for breakfast

A burgeoning mayoral race. A governor who has just returned from Jamaica with his taxpayer-paid troopers in tow. And an ex-governor from several states away who is prone to swearing and allegedly calling a U.S. Senate seat a "[expletive] valuable thing."

Those are just some of the topics expected to come up with a side of corned beef during the St. Patrick's Day breakfast this Sunday at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. The event is an annual political tradition held every year since about the 1940s in the city, still a stronghold for Irish-American elected officials.  Read more

Hanlon tapped for appeals court

Gov. Deval Patrick has nominated Dorchester District Court's top judge for a slot on the state Appeals Court.

Sydney Hanlon, who lives in Dorchester and is the first justice of the Washington Street courthouse, would replace retiring Judge Andre Gelinas.

Hanlon must first be confirmed by a judicial vetting panel, which is made up of eight independently elected members known as Governor's Councilors. She was easily confirmed when she went before the council in 1990, after then-Gov. Michael Dukakis nominated her to the bench.  Read more

If the mayoral election were held today, who gets your vote?

Michael Flaherty
39% (846 votes)
Kevin McCrea
2% (34 votes)
Tom Menino
53% (1145 votes)
Sam Yoon
4% (76 votes)
None of the above
3% (62 votes)
Total votes: 2163

Lawmakers weigh gas tax proposal

Amid all the hubbub in the Commonwealth over Gov. Deval Patrick's proposed 19-cent hike in the gas tax - with some business organizations calling for a 25-cent raise, state senators calling for reforms first, revenue later, and other legislators calling for less, less, less - local transit advocates are calling for more, more, more for the state's public transportation. Meanwhile, most local lawmakers are leaning toward a smaller tax increase.  Read more

Dot's Holmes moves to Convention Center job

Dorchester native Justin Holmes, who has had a high profile in City Councillor Maureen Feeney's office during her recent two-year stint as Council President, has taken a new job as director of government relations for the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority under director James Rooney.

"He certainly made my presidency a much more positive experience because of his extensive capabilities," said Feeney this week. "I'm just so happy for him. The fact that there were people vying for him in this economy really speaks volumes."  Read more

Yoon launches bid, calls Menino's style 'outmoded'

As about 200 supporters chowed down on Singapore rice noodles and boneless spare ribs, City Councillor At-Large Sam Yoon formally kicked off his mayoral run Tuesday night.

In his speech to supporters, Yoon made little mention of the 15-year incumbent, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, instead charging that the power in city politics has been concentrated in the hands of the "chosen few." He pledged to "change Boston politics forever."  Read more

She says 'soul' helps leaders in crisis

Margaret BenefielMargaret BenefielThe lessons of the still-unraveling economic crash will likely take economists and social scientists years to deconstruct. Dorchester's Margaret Benefiel, however, thinks the root cause can be summed up rather simply: Short-sighted, selfish greed. In a word, soullessness.  Read more

Sam Yoon makes it official

Calls for an elected school committee, and notes that Boston's three favorite pastimes are sports, politics and revenge.

Gonzalez says he's running for at-large seat


In last week's story about City Council at-Large candidate Tomas Gonzalez, his former position with the Menino Administration was misreported. Gonzalez was Menino's Latino Liaison from 2002 to 2004, and chief of staff for the Elderly Commission from 2004 to 2007. Also, a clarification: political strategist Deborah Shah has conversations with but is not actually working for Gonzalez.  Read more

What the federal stimulus means for Boston

I have always said that partnership is one of the most effective tools that we as leaders can use to achieve progress on almost any front. In difficult circumstances, bringing people together to work toward a common goal becomes even more important. As government leaders across the country grapple with the question of how best to overcome the financial crisis, it's reassuring to know that we have a leader in President Obama who understands the value of partnership when it comes to problem solving.  Read more