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Baker reports progress in District 3

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me to serve you in the Boston City Council as your District 3 Councilor from Dorchester. I want you to know that over the last nine months I have been working tirelessly to ensure that the needs and concerns of every resident in District 3 are heard, valued, and always considered when I am advocating on behalf of the district.

I am pleased to say that in my first month in office, I was appointed Chair of the City Council’s Committee on Arts, Film, Humanities and Tourism, Vice Chair of the Committee on Census and Redistricting and a member of the Committees on Economic Development and Planning, Environment and Health, Housing, Post Audit and Oversight, Public Safety, and the Special Committee on Asthma.

I am extremely fortunate have a highly competent, qualified, and compassionate staff committed to making Dorchester a better place to live, work and raise a family. I employed individuals from across the district that possess a wide variety of skill sets and come from an array of backgrounds, and have a designated Vietnamese Liaison, Senior Citizen Liaison and a Cape Verdean Liaison in an ongoing effort to unify Dorchester.

During my first budget I was able to encourage continued funding in order to safeguard three fundamentally important programs in our district; the Leahy-Holloran Community Center (LHCC) Day Care Program, Project D.E.E.P. (The Dorchester Educational Enrichment Program), and All Dorchester Sports League (ADSL). I was also able to help secure funding for the implementation a Family Substance Abuse Helpline through the Boston Public Health Commission called the PAATHS Program (Providing Access to Addictions Treatment, Hope and Support).

In addition to the Family Helpline, I have been working on several initiatives to combat substance abuse in our city, as I feel that this problem is the source of many of our most prevalent problems in the city.

In June I partnered with the LHCC and the Dorchester Substance Abuse Coalition (DSAC) to host a substance abuse forum for parents and teens to understand the dangers and signs of drug abuse. I also co-sponsored a resolution in support of Senate Bill 2122 “An Act Relative to Prescription Drug Diversion, Abuse and Addiction” and will be having a hearing in the coming months to discuss the implementation of prescription drug drop-off boxes throughout the city, in my determination to get prescription drugs off our streets.

I have been working with the Boston Police Department to address crime, prostitution, and underage drinking. In March I implemented the first district-wide email crime alert system, and thus far we have over 2000 people in the district signed up to receive weekly crime alerts. I have been working with the Gavin Foundation in South Boston to model their underage drinking program here in Dorchester.

On June 27th I stood in support of Boston’s five-year capital plan, totaling $1.84B. This will enable the City to catch up on capital improvement projects after the recent economic downturn stalled many planned initiatives. For Dorchester, the capital plan includes funding for Adams/King Playground, Hemenway Playground, Dorchester Park, Cronin/Wainright Playground, the Dorchester Avenue corridor, Adams Street Branch Library and McConnell Playground. In addition to the capital plan, I was able to obtain funding for a “hokie” position in Adam’s Village to help combat the unending litter in our neighborhoods.

Through my senior citizen liaison, I started organizing monthly senior meetings entitled “Council on the Corner” and I am looking forward to the next one on Tuesday, October 2 at 9:30 a.m. at the Dot to Dot Café on Dorchester Avenue.

I have also been working closely with Councilor John Connolly to address school assignment, school transportation, vocational school and special education issues, and will be having a hearing on vocational education this fall.

Furthermore, I have been working with the Transportation Department on expanding traffic calming measures throughout the district, and I am proud to say that together we have been able to implement over 40 transportation improvements throughout Dorchester.

In the coming months I hope to establish a district office and work at finding sensible solutions for addressing elderly-only housing and so-called sober homes. Again, thank you for providing me with the opportunity to serve you in the Boston City Council. If I can ever be of any assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me at 617-635-3455.

Frank Baker is the Boston City Councillor in District 3.



Please do more to make available Redistricting maps that label the NAMES of the BORDERING STREETS of the DISTRICTS. That way it's easier to tell exactly at what streets where a District ends and the next begins.