First cat rescue of ’19 for ARL: Food lures ‘Gadget’ to safety

Gadget, a three-year-old male cat, found himself in a tight spot last Thursday. Photo courtesy ARL.

A cat trapped on the roof of a Gaston Street three-decker was rescued by workers from the Animal Rescue League of Boston last Thursday, marking the first cat rescue of the new year by the ARL’s Rescue Services Department.

“Gadget,” a three-year-old male cat, had somehow wandered onto a small shingled area just below the roof that proved difficult for rescuers to access. After ascending the building’s fire escape, ARL agents were still separated from Gadget by a three-foot gap. They found little success using nets and hook poles, instead opting to use a narrow board as a cat-sized bridge. But “Gadget” refused to budge.

Finally, the cat’s owner, Stephanie Mitchell, arrived on the scene and as able to coax him, unhurt, to safety with his favorite food. “I’m so grateful and so happy to have Gadget back home!” said Mitchell.

ARL is the only animal welfare organization in Massachusetts with a dedicated technical rescue department. The group rescues thousands of animals each year, including more than 200 cats stranded in trees and other precarious places.