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Whither goest, Bruins? That is the question. And it is not even Thanksgiving yet. Maybe it’s too soon to kiss off an entire hockey season, but not too early to wonder if, when all’s said and done, Bruins fans will have much to be thankful for. 

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There is a season for everything, the Good Book tells us. But Major League Baseball alone boasts of a season that is endless.  Seamlessly, we now slide from the torrid on-the-field action in a World Series that was simply bonkers to the Hot Stove... Read more

Catching up with a bit of this and that while waiting for the leaves to turn and ponds to ice:

Managerial sweep-out

Unprecedented is this business of the World Series being upstaged by managerial merry-go-rounds... Read more

The sixth, and last, in a season-long series of reflections on the 50th anniversary of the “Impossible Dream” Red Sox season of 1967.

Rarely if ever has a World Series been as anti-climactic as the 1967 Red Sox-Cardinals Octoberfest. At... Read more

What we have upon us hereabouts once again is another autumn of our discontent. Elsewhere, the music of Baseball’s Octoberfest plays on joyously. But here in Mudville, it has dissipated into a dirge.

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It was only one day, but it ought to be enshrined in the annals of epic New England sporting festivals, or at least accorded a footnote. The day was Thursday, the 7th of October, 2017, when in a gluttonous rage we were obliged to bounce from the Sox-... Read more

And so here we go again!  After six grueling months, plus a couple more for tune-ups, with a total expenditure for performers alone exceeding five billion bucks, featuring roughly 6,000 homers and more than 40,000 strikeouts in 2,430 games incurring... Read more

When the legendary pug Jake LaMotta – better known as the “Raging Bull” –  died the other day at the tender age of 95, my first reaction was to wonder how such an incomparable rascal and incorrigible roughneck could have possibly survived 95 years.... Read more

On the chance you didn’t see it, believe me when I tell you it was  just marvelous. When their mainstay, Francisco Lindor, brilliant throughout their epic surge, flailed wildly at a bad pitch in the dirt ending a ninth inning threat against Kansas City... Read more

The fourth in a season-long series of reflections on the 50th anniversary of the “Impossible Dream” Red Sox season of 1967.

For much of September that unforgettable year it was like the veritable calm before the storm, a lingering spell of... Read more

Barring convolutions, mad dashes, or mere meltdowns that would be downright historic, this September has the makings of being the dullest stretch-run in baseball’s recent annals. Not a good thing.

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It’s the eve of another National Football League Season and the tub-thumping is off the charts. Ratings have never been higher, revenues never greater, profits never grosser. A dedicated army of media apologists is poised in breathless anxiety to claim... Read more

The Dodgers have ever been with us. East Coast. West Coast.  Up and down. Through thick and thin. Oft amusing, most always likeable, and never boring.

The early editions of Patriarch Wilbert Robinson – the beloved “Uncle Robbie” – were... Read more

Rounding the bases – long the occasional custom here – while wondering if the Patriots’ sloppy exhibition kickoff against the eternally pathetic Jaguars officially ends talk of “perfection” this season. Not that the team itself would be guilty of such... Read more

Although its prominence has been irrefutable for at least 40 years now, the mid-season, non-waiver, dump ‘em while you can still get something for ‘em trade deadline has never generated more sheer noise even as this year’s rendition proved to be mainly... Read more