Clark Booth on Sports

Earlier this month the irrepressible Don Cherry, decked out in a costume he could only have found at a Gilbert & Sullivan fire sale, was emoting with his customarily delightful bombast on the usual grist of his CBC Hockey Night in Canada gig when... Read more

Intensely observing the Patriots’ high-wire act unravel over some three hours, with them tip-toeing as if emulating the Perils of Pauline through a maze of veritable minefields to escape the New York Football Giants, thus remaining undefeated, suggests... Read more

Stray thoughts, wise cracks, and otherwise amiable musings while striving to get through the transition from baseball to football by way of hockey with a passing nod at basketball, with all four clanging hammer and tong simultaneously, however briefly... Read more

And so it ends in November, with a half moon rising out beyond  center field and the winds of winter building from the west. Baseball’s long, unforgiving, and grueling forced march of a campaign, the 111th of the modern era, ends with the Kansas City... Read more

Random thoughts while awaiting a team that has not won in three decades to emerge as champion of the entire baseball world. That much alone is a given in this classic toss-up of a finale between the Mets and Royals, two teams that like to play old-... Read more

Increasingly, baseball’s playoff rounds significantly upstage the opus they’ve been designed to serve, promote, and produce: the almighty World Series. Is this good, bad, or just remarkable? Hard to say! But it’s a fact.

Pretty much from the... Read more

Hockey is back! So God’s in his heaven, all’s right with the world, eh?
Well, not quite my dear Pippa. The Boston Bruins are already in last place and looking not likely to stray too far therefrom over the next six months.

Hold on Bucko,... Read more

In one’s puckishly misspent youth, the last day of the regular baseball season was special in a rather quaint way. Invariably, it would be a lovely early fall day touched with autumn’s wistful sweetness, a perfect contrast with the melancholy of the... Read more

He was blessed, by any measure, with a wonderful run, a very long one, too, fully four score and ten. It was thereby a sweet sadness that touched the end of the life and times of Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra. Would that more folks – many, many more,... Read more

Have stray thoughts and idle musings on a couple of issues to kick around while awaiting the wild and crazy realizations of the garrison finish we may get in baseball’s regular season:

With a fortnight left, the Astros appear the first victims.... Read more

Obviously the latest flap over the Patriots’ alleged rampant duplicity was a crock of ragtime, or whatever you will. These guys may be many things, not all of them loveable. But they are not stupid. If you are one of their countless bitter adversaries... Read more

Labor Day dawned, comrades, with two pennant races worthy of the term and three of the six division races pretty much blowouts, with the leaders sitting on leads of at least six games. So much for parity, says you?  September can be the cruelest month... Read more

This is written as all of New England, with anxiety bearing on the unbearable, awaits the impending resolution of “Deflategate,” the first week of September having arrived and with it the first tentative steps into the NFL’s raging gauntlet leading to... Read more

It has been a happy summer so far for baseball, and with a potentially rousing stretch run in the works, it could actually get better. Even the all-star game was a cut above recent form, although the bar for that regrettably tainted event has never... Read more

A couple of weeks ago, before things began to tighten up for them, the Yankees were having their merry way with the Texas Rangers, leading 19-5 after six innings, and the pitcher of record, either gripped by sheer boredom or in need of a beer, was... Read more