Clark Booth on Sports

Here are some random observations and stray quibbling looking for a place to land while we await shoes, cleats, spikes, sneakers, whatever to begin dropping in Rio:

Should we add to the hyper fears about the quadrennial opus... Read more

With the days dwindling down to a precious few, there’s no more ducking the obvious question: Why in a world rendered asunder by madness and folly surging all over the map do we need the fragile, flawed, increasingly endangered 2016 International... Read more

Maybe it’s just that the Dog Days have arrived early this summer, but it seems to me that a vague inertia grips the local sporting landscape. We are caught between fact and fancy. There is much ado, but it’s mostly about nothing. Pretensions are lofty... Read more

With the end of the fiscal year approaching (why do they always bang out in July?) it’s time to clear the decks of last stray bits and pieces. Like for example:

 • Has the folly of leaping hilariously to rash conclusions – a common contemporary... Read more

In the week the incomparable Gordie Howe bid farewell amidst much tender reminiscing of the game he once exemplified, the National Hockey League season finally came to a merciful end, with the Penguins waddling off with their fourth Cup. To think: It... Read more

Over these too many years, one has rarely (never?) used this space to plug any product (save for the odd hockey team). But there’s an exception to every rule, even one firmly in place near a half century.

So with no further apologies we hereby... Read more

If we were brinking on October, not June, and the regular season were to end tomorrow the Red Sox, with the AL’s best record, would be bracing for an epic clash against the Cubs, with the NL’s best record, and all the sporting world would be their... Read more

In a season widely conceded to them back around the end of last year, the Chicago Cubs are somehow exceeding expectations.  That’s no mean achievement, especially for a luckless and, more often than not, lackluster outfit that has won nothing in 108... Read more

As we attempt now and again, it’s time for a “Nobody Asked Me, But …” sort of column with a deferential nod as well as apologies to the late, great Jimmy Cannon, the legendary New York sporting scribe and stylist who not only devised but also perfected... Read more

So, we don’t have the Celtics to kick around anymore this spring. But they’ll be back on the firing line in a half dozen weeks with a gaggle of draft picks, one of which, with any luck, should be among the vaunted top-three, plus lots of pad in their... Read more

One has long disdained here the rush to judgment that obsesses that American sub-species lovingly known as “the baseball fan.” The indictment covers the idiotic pre-season predictions of the not-so-very-learned jock media, an annual exercise in pure... Read more

Have here an odd mixture of gripes and kudos, beefs and bouquets, to dispense while waiting for these feisty young Celtics to reveal their true selves after having advanced Danny Ainge’s quirky master plan a full leap so far this season. Can they make... Read more

Having famously and rather churlishly declared April to be “the cruellest month,” we can safely assume that T.S. Eliot was no fan of the sports we revel in, although he may have found the social niceties of a cricket match amusing while hanging out... Read more

“Silly Season” has arrived. It’s that interlude – not brief enough – between the final throes of spring training and the very beginning of the regular season when people who write, talk, or think about baseball for a living feel compelled to predict... Read more

It should have launched shock waves across the Kingdom of Sport and maybe in certain of its locked and sealed boardrooms, it quietly did. It should have rattled the tens of millions of couch potatoes devoted to what’s purported to be “our national game... Read more